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BULLETSTORM FULL CLIP EDITION allows you to play as a mercenary named Grayson Hunt, the hero from the original Bulletstorm game, or as the world famous flat-top hero Duke Nukem in a full-on heads-up first-person shooter campaign adventure.

Graphically it's very good, having 4K capabilities on the right machines, and the background art is classic old-style 3D, some of which can be interacted with, such as being shot up or blown up; opposing forces can be similarly affected.

There are so many FPS games available for the PC and all consoles, they all have some kind of background story that for the main no one who plays this game genre takes any notice of because it's all about surviving and discovering new items of equipment and weaponry; well that and doing what I mentioned earlier - blowing stuff up and shooting stuff (the "stuff" often being the opposition sent against you).

In BFCE the bad guys appear to be painted warrior types in the manner of those found in the wildlands of movies like the Mad Max movies, in fact the terrain is also very much like that found in those post-apocalypse films - ruined buildings, broken down and rusted cars, encampments of corrugated iron fences and iron gates with machine-gun manned defences and pockets of explosives ready and waiting in just the right places to be shot so they explode and take a good number of the enemy with them.


Body parts, heavy blood spatter and what used to be called swearing or bad language but is now the norm in games, films and on television, abound in this game but despite its severity I cannot play it without enjoying the humour that has been injected into it. If/when your character succumbs to his wounds you have to begin again from the previous Checkpoint where the game saves automatically, however there is the oft used (in games of this type) healing ability where you heal up simply by staying out of harms way - find a shelter where you aren't likely to be shot at and wait a moment or two and your damage heals quickly thus enabling you to continue playing.

I tend to play this type of game after I have been doing a lot of thinking, watching a heavy dramatic movie or am in need of some mindless mercenary murdering. It's fast, it's fun and it's irrelevant! It's like high adrenaline Candy Crush Saga! It doesn't matter if I am successful or not because I know there's more action on its way. 

Grayson has an ex-comrade, Ishi, with him for the majority of the fighting, though Ishi is not controlled by the player and is not actually a full human now, having been given life-saving surgery which included a bio-processor attached to his brain. Like all good AI characters, Ishi can jump higher, run faster, take more damage and shoot straighter than you as Gray' can but he does like to leave you to do the fun things like kicking doors open and blowing things up. You mainly collect things by running over them. You get a warning that an air-drop is close by and it flashes when you are near enough to reach it and collect whatever goodies it contains, guns also flash when an enemy drops them but running across them generally just adds to your ammo supply - you don't end up carrying a half-dozen different weapons.

Speaking of kicking and other things, Gray is on a mission to score points by his various actions. Head shots are always good for a few points but the most fun is either kicking an opponent, watching him fly backwards through the air to land in a heap and then kicking him again .. repeat .. repeat until he just expires or better still kicking him and while he is still flying backwards shooting him in mid-air, lots of kudos for stunt shots.Another couple of good kills are by using the electro-leash you have - this allows you to connect to communication devices etc but it also allows you to stun an opponent and pull them towards you where a hefty kick or a double-tap from your weapon sends them back where they came from but much worse off for wear. As I said, this is a fun game and finding inventive ways to win battles is a major part of that fun. What it's actually about I know not because as it started my speakers were off and by the time I got them working properly I was just about ready to start shooting.

As you get more points and skills etc you can hook onto one of the many communication points and upgrade. Upgrading your weapons capacity for holding ammunition is a must and should be done as quick as you can, along with buying more ammo to fill this new space. Guns run out of ammo quickly and although (R)eloading is pretty fast you can still take a few wallops whilst you do it. 

Here's a Youtube clip I found. If you watch it you'll get a good idea of the action (which is controlled mainly by left and right hand mouse buttons and the occasional key.) There are options (such as the Duke Nukem Tour) for playing the game but to date I have concentrated on the main campaign and it's been most entertaining and stress relieving.




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