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Broken Sword 5: The Serpents Curse.

Revolution Software


Release date 4th September


  Broken Sword 5 takes me back to my youth, when i loved 'point and click' style adventure games. The puzzle solving, the amusing characters, the detective aspect of searching for clues (which every so often turned into whizzing the mouse around the screen the cursor changed shape) all of this is present in the XBONE version of BS5: The Serpents Curse.

  To be honest, nothing has greatly changed from the PC version that was released earlier this year, the things that have changed are subtle, birds flying in the sky, fan blades spinning round, little touches that bring the screen to life. Some of the puzzles have been adjusted slightly, timing, difficulty etc. but again, nothing that really jumps out.

 The biggest addition to the console port, is a character gallery that fills as you meet people and learn about them, giving you portraits and bios of the plots main characters.

Revolution Software decided, and quite rightly so imho, to stick with the same indirect control method as PC, so the left thumb stick controls the cursor, and the right 

thumbstick pans the  camera around the scene and as always, the cursor changes shape when it moves over something that can be interacted with, still allowing me to give in and spin the cursor around til i find something to do when i am stuck...

Graphically, the game is beautiful, with a cel shaded, cartoonish look, but still managing to look inviting and keep you visually entertained. I am thoroughly enjoying Broken Sword 5, it has been a welcome break from sneaking around, shooting Eastern Europeans threating to destroy/take over the World, and  even though I have been stuck on more than one occasion so far, I will play through it to the conclusion as i need to know what/who/and why...



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