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Brick-Force in 2013

A closer look at the year ahead

2012 was a bricktastic year for Berlin based publisher Infernum, with Brick-Force attaining over 1.5 million registered players who built over 500,000 user generated maps.

In the past few months, pivotal new features such as adjustable gravity, launch pads, a new game mode and numerous new costumes and weapons have been added to the game. The Brick-Force trailer summarizes how we feel about the game’s potential.

Over the course of 2013. Brick-Force players can expect game-changing new content and features in the medieval “Bricksaga” update. Instead of space-features and cosmic bricks, swords, sandals and castles will soon dominate Brick-Force. A third add-on with an entirely new theme will also be released later this year.

Infernum and EXE Games are currently also focusing their efforts on developing cross-platform functionality with the mobile version planned for release this year.

Finally, improved community-features, like the possibility to invite friends during a running match, an enhanced map archive, better filtering options, achievements  and various clan features are planned to be released later this year.

For further information visit the official website:

Brick-Force in the ESL

Competitive gaming comes to Brick-Force today

Infernum has partnered with the Electronic Sports League to bring competitive gaming to Brick-Force. Starting today, players will be able to compete in team vs. team battles with their friends in a league based environment.

The game modes Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch and Build & Destroy will be the first to be featured in the Winter 2012 season. To participate in the league, teams will utilize the ESL’s matchmaking system “VERSUS”, enabling them to be matched with similarly skilled opponents.

The Build & Destroy mode should be particularly interesting, as it is the first time that a game mode featuring sandbox and shooting elements in a competitive context.  In addition to this, there will be real cash prizes on offer for teams that manage to achieve first, second and third place in the Winter 2012 Season.

Finally, Infernum have introduced a unique ESL armor set to the game for eSports fans who wish to test their metal in Brick-Force

To find out more, visit the ESL’s Brick-Force portal:

Have a look at the official Brick-Force website: here.

Brick-Force heads for space!

Cosmic update orbits server and will land soon, delivering host of new features and content

Get ready for an update of galactic proportions coming this month to Brick-Force – the sandbox shooter from Berlin-based developer and publisher Infernum. The new season takes the game to an extra-terrestrial level, with adjustable gravity, futuristic outfits, space weapons and characters along with new interactive bricks.

Map builders will be over the moon thanks to the new creative possibilities this season. Adjustable gravity, space-worthy decorative bricks and interactive elements like launch pads will allow players to create sci-fi inspired maps like never before. Fight futuristic battles on board elaborate space stations, or drift through space while grappling with various degrees of gravity. Utilize an array of new weapons, outfits and character skins in community driven content that promises to be out of this world.

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