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Bring to Justice Gotham City’s most vile villains with the Official Batman™: Arkham Origins Strategy Guides from Warner Bros. and Brady Games

London, UK – October 25, 2013 – BradyGames, in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products on behalf of DC Entertainment, is thrilled to announce the Batman™: Arkham Origins Signature Series and Limited Edition Strategy Guides. With the third installment in the Batman Arkhamseries from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, bring Gotham City’s most vile villains to justice, with the help of the Official Strategy Guides from BradyGames.

With the Batman: Arkham Origins Strategy Guides, receive game-tested strategies to take the best route through each area and make the best use of Batman’s abilities and gadgets. Coverage of every side mission and challenge is addressed in detail for 100% completion. The guides are packed with area maps that help navigate the way through each area. Plus, detailed multiplayer strategies will help punish the competition. Help Batman overcome all of the dangerous traps that have been set for him in his journey to discover the truth.


Limited Edition Features (9780744015171  £19.99):

·         Exclusive Lithographs - Set of four collectible lithographs are a must-have for any collector

·         Dust Jacket and Hardcover - All the game-tested strategies of our Signature Series guide packaged in a premium hardcover and protected by an elegant foil-stamped jacket


Signature Series Features (9780744015164  £14.99):

·         100% Complete Story Walkthrough

·         Area Maps

·         Full Side Mission and Challenge Mode Coverage

·         Tested Multiplayer Strategies

·         Bonus Coverage of Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate


Whether playing on an Xbox 360, PS3, PSVita, 3DS, and PC,  punish Gotham City’s most vile villains with the Official Signature Series and Limited  Edition Strategy Guides for Batman: Arkham Origins from BradyGames!


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