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BRADYGAMES SIGNATURE SERIES GUIDEs are the best in the business; better than anything you can
find on the internet and more colourful than most glossy games magazines.

GRAND THEFT AUTO V is the latest in the top selling series of ROCKSTAR adventure games and the subject
of repeated complaints about its violence in all manner of media outlets - TV, magazines, newspapers even online.

This is one of the larger game guides with some 430 full colour pages yet with a ridiculously low rrp of £14.99.

Here I have published just a few of the fully detailed screenshots taken from the book after being taken from the game.
There is far more in this volume than most players of the game will ever see no matter how long they play it for. For
example who notices the buildings and the community scenes as they are racing stolen cars away from the police cars?
Or how much detail has actually gone into replicating each vehicle on the road - no coloured blobs or blocks - from the
artist's impressions. All the cars look similar to actual cars but are renamed for copyright reasons.

The book has several maps like the one below. This one shows the route for the Coyote Cross-Country Triathlon.
Others show off-road tracks, mission routes, off-shore POVs all of which make life easier when you are playing.
Onscreen you get a mini map but off-screen you can have a full sized map that keeps you on track or at least offers
you alternative route possibilities if you happen to go wrong. If you need to get hold of certain weapons there is
even a map that shows 72 locations for either guns or armour that you can visit. On the next page are screenshots
and text of the location and how and where to find them - for instance did you know you can find Body Armour
on the garage rooftop patio of the Vespucci Police Department, Vespucci canals.

Then we get to the nitty-gritty of this Signature Guide - the Los Santos and Blaine County Main Story Walkthrough.
There is a complete walk by walk, talk by talk, text and pictorial explanation of where to go, what to do and who to
talk to, knock-out and kill - even how to do it. I like to use this extremely useful part of the guide when I am at the
point of pulling my one and only hair out in frustration. I don't use it unless I am stuck - which means I generally use
it quite a lot - but it is so good to be able to open the book up and see on the page what I am looking at (or for) on the


I cannot praise the BradyGames Books enough. They are written by experts and edited by people who know games.
Great value for money and even a good read most of the time if you don't have the game but like the basic idea behind
it. They are even very good for role-player GMs who are in need of some imaginative creativity. The maps, characters,
locations and vehicles as well as the plots and missions make for great role-play adventuring.



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