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Leading you into the future of Warfare: BradyGames' Official Call of Duty® Black Ops II Strategy Guide Revealed

Failure is not an option with BradyGames’ Call of Duty Black Ops II guide, releasing November 13th 2012 in both Signature Series and Limited Edition formats.

12th November 2012 – London, UK/ BradyGames, masters of the official strategy guide, today announced that November 13th will see the launch of its Official Strategy Guide to Call of Duty Black Ops II, the latest and hugely anticipated game in the Call of Duty franchise.

Developed in conjunction with Activision and spread across 320 lavishly designed pages, the official Call of Duty Black Ops II Guide leads you through every battle blasted area and war-torn wasteland of the game. A complete campaign walkthrough takes you from start to finish of the single player storylines, with detail on every mission and enemy encounter. Multiplayer coverage is brimming with expert tactics, for either solo or team-based play. You'll be dominating every game mode, achieving higher ranks, using all weapons to their maximum potential, gaining perks and generating huge killstreaks. 
This is the ultimate resource for rookies and seasoned Call of Duty veterans alike.  

Littered with mind-blowing artwork and exclusive, highly detailed maps showing you all of the single and multiplayer terrains, the Call of Duty Black Ops II Guide also provides you with a full arsenal guide, detailing each weapon and its stats, as well as achievement and trophy rosters to reveal how to 
earn awards and unlock secret features. The official Call of Duty Black Ops II Strategy Guide will launch as both an exhaustive Signature Series edition, with an RRP of £12.99, along with a deluxe, Limited Edition for £19.99. The latter boasts a striking, collectable hard cover design and in addition also includes a hard cover branded field journal, exclusive to the guide.  Within the guide, gamers can expect to find:

·          COMPLETE CAMPAIGN WALKTHROUGH leads gamers step-by-step through the entire game from start to finish.

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