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TWILIGHT CREATIONS are renown for their brilliant Zombie killing games where the Zombies
are out to eat Human brains and the Humans are out to escape by killing the poor undead Zombies.

So here we are again at Twilight with a brand new Zombie game and ... not a human brain in sight!

This card game puts the players in the role of 700 year old Necromancers on a fun, but eventful, night
out with their Undead protogees at the local Undead Bowling Alley. The idea is to score as many pins
in the 10 rounds of a game as possible, ending up with the highest score.

To do this there are two sets of cards, Lane cards - which show a number of pins and are used for scoring,
and 13 Zombie cards per player, in colour ID, which are made up of Body Parts (Heads, Legs and Hands).


Depending on the number of players Score cards (ie Lane cards) are laid out face up so that everyone can see
them and, more importantly, their value. The players then each select a card from their Zombies, sometimes
selecting 2 cards. Once every Necromancer has chosen the cards are flipped over. You are now looking for the
highest value Zombies and here is when the playing of 2 cards is shown to be either and actual attack or a bluff.

When two cards are played the Necromancer must play a number card and the Head, Hand or Leg card. If the
Body part card is to be counted it has to be played on top of the number card - ensure you turn the cards over one
at a time and not just flip them together. If the Body part card is a bluff then it is played below the number card.
All Bluff cards are returned to the players hand.

Now the fun begins Zombie style. If there are 2 or more Zombies of equal strength they attack each other and rip
bits of bodies off until they have re-killed each other; these cards are removed from play. During the sorting as to
who is strongest and fighting etc the absolute Strongest Zombie gets bored and wanders off looking for the brains
of any other bowlers who may be around. This Zombie is also out of the game, though if it had an extra body part
attached the Body part card is returned to the Necromancer.

The remaining Zombies now split the Lane cards between them, the strongest Zombie selecting first from the Lane
cards - the higher the value the better. If all the Lane cards are taken and there are still Zombies waiting to choose,
then  those poor Undead have to go hungry.... aaaaw!  Mind you once the Zombies have grabbed their scores they are
beaten to Undeath by bowling balls and pizza toppings, in fact anything the other bowlers can grab hold of. The Lane
cards remaining, if any, are then discarded and the game reset.

After 10 rounds the Necromancer with the highest value wins.

If you have any problem understanding the rules, and you really shouldn't as they are so clear, then the rules sheet has
a good, long example of play which details every step of a turn.

There are variants for playing. Two players, for example, play against each other and a Zombie hand (played by an
invisible random Necromancer), then there is the High & Low, Poker and Black Jack possibilities.

You may not be killing Humans or even using weapons of Zombie-destruction but this is a good fun game and the next
time you go bowling I bet you see the Bowling Balls as Dead-Heads with eye, ear and nose holes..... 

BOWLING for ZOMBIES has the fantastic graphics Twilight Creations are renown for, as well as firm card quality that
allows for lots of regular playing.



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