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is a competitive competition where many Captains of Flying Galleons compete to be the Last Captain Standing. It is run by mega corporations and shown on huge screens with an over-the-top MC (Master of Ceremonies) commentating on every aspect of every battle as if he was a Television Celebrity on a Reality Show, which, in this context, he actually is.


It is like a violent egg-hunt with a Key being the main 'egg' and Treasures being additional bonuses. For its size the ship is surprisingly light of control, but while you are using your one hand to steer it you are having to use your other hand to control the aiming reticule. Floating guns and battle-ships come at you from all angles, some your auto-weapons will take care of, some you can fire broadsides or your hand-cannon at, but however you defend your ship (and indeed attack is the better form of defence) you have to be fast and accurate.


There are two difficulty levels, Normal and Hard, and I have to say that as yet I am not good enough at Normal so Hard, for me, is a long way in the future. You need to find the key - it is in one of the areas shown on your space map and actually not too hard to find, although it can be quite difficult to obtain because of enemy and opposition ships.


You stand like a true Captain behind the wheel of your mighty ship and from there you assign crew members and robots to various ship contols and leave it to them to do their duty while you bravely continue to do yours, which also includes diverting power and repowering. Some of the enemies weapons float in under your ships guns arc of fire and then you have to use your personal hand-cannon. This has auto targeting which basically means using your controller's Left then Right buttons to aim and then fire several times in fast succession for each weapon.


After showing the MC that you know how to handle yourself and your ship against the attacking droids you are sent into the Main Arena where you are pitted against opposing Captains in a timed battle. Each hit you make is scored and then at the end of the arena fight, shown on a huge screen for the spectators to see. The two Captains with the lowest score then have to fight off against each other, the winner staying in the game the loser thrown to watch from the sidelines.


BOW to BLOOD is a very colourful action game with plenty for the player to do. Unfortunately for me, as I have gained years I have lost speed of thought and dexterity so I would say this is a younger (than me at least) person's game. I couldn't keep up with the wave after wave attacks on either side and the as well as the Bow - thankfully you don't seem able to shoot your own ship. I had more success using the Captain's personal weapon but of course that is only good in close quarter situations. When it came to aiming with the Right stick while getting into position with the left and then using the trigger to fire I was all over the place, way too slow. Needless to say the bottom of the League was all mine.


There is an invisible, until you hit it, electric fence around the arena so you cannot sail out and off, you are in it till the end. This fence doesn't appear to damage your ship but it does mean you are a sitting duck until you manoeuvre out of it. Each of your opponents wants to win just as much as you do, though some of them have side issues and surprisingly you may be able to help them out by forming a short and fragile alliance with them, though remember they are still in opposition to you as only one Captain can win. Remember you need to capture the War Key to be able to move onwards.


TRIBETOY, the developers and publishers, have created an App that can be downloaded by visiting this site: but it is currently only available on PC (Steam) and the PS4 console.

Bow To Blood Companion

Help or hinder your friends or favorite streamer as they compete to become champion in the Bow To Blood Arena!  Become a sponsor and have your name appear in the game!

      - Download the companion app to your Android device.
      - Follow in app instructions to connect to a Bow To Blood game.
      - Maximum of 50 players connected at once.

If you visit here BOW to BLOOD you can find out all the official information and details about the game and also purchase the game (for £15.49).


Things change with each game and by doing so every game is different enough to keep the player's interests high, thus making it replayable without too much repition. As I said though it isn't a game that I am good at. This doesn't mean that I don't enjoy playing it, it just means what I say, that I am not good at it and not being good at it means I never get very far into it thus I don't get to enjoy everything it has to offer.

Visually it is a myriad of colour moving fast across your screen. Game-wise it is an enigmatic adventure into the 'high-seas' action-life of a buccaneer. The animation is similar to that of the shows my grandson watches on TV. Overall it has everything required to be a successful interactive entertainment, action, adventure, options, combat, Treasures, Awards and Glory, and more... and it can all be discovered through endeavour and skillful use of your crew and robots/drones. 


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