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Band of Brothers

Bolt Action 2nd Edition starter set.

Warlord Games.

Warlord Games have released the long awaited 2nd ed. of Bolt Action, the WWII miniatures game... and it is good!

24 New Plastic US Airborne
12 Plastic German Grenadiers
Plastic SdKfz 251/10 AusfD. 3.7cm PaK half track
Plastic Ruined Farm
A5 Softback Bolt Action 2 Rules Book
Quick Start Guide
Quick Reference Sheet
12 Plastic Pin Markers
Plastic Templates and Tokens
Construction Diagrams
10 Six Sided Dice
10 Order Dice

The starter set includes the new US Airborne plastics, which in my opinion, are among the best minis Warlord have produced to date (which is great as i am a US player), with 15 heads ( including the iconic mohawks of the Airborne) per

 sprue of 6 men, there is vast opportunity for individuality among your force. The sprues also include the standard weapons of the US, the M1 rifle and carbine, SMGs and the BAR, but also added is an LMG per sprue, and even a pigeon for signalling the Rangers.

The Germans in the box are (12) plastic Grenadiers, again they are great models, and the sprues include the standard rifles, SMGs and nasty Stg44 assault rifles which cause me so many problems on the table.!





The new edition of the rules is well presented in pocket book format, and the A4 quick start guide is great if you want to dive straight in (after assembly) and run through a small game to pick up the basics. It also includes a handy quick reference sheet, which is very useful during play.

The biggest change to the game is how HE (High Explosive) works, now using a template which covers everything from 1" to 4" in size. HE is now a lot easier to work out, and

in my opinion a lot more realsitic in its death rate to units. 

The box includes a couple of ruins, which go together easily, and look great when painted up (my camera is playing up, but expect more of my own pics as soon as I get it going). The explosions as pin markers are a nice touch, but (and i am not the first to say this) they are a little hard to read as they are all solid red. Along with the template are tokens denoting turret jam, damage, ranged in, and others.






The German's are reinforced with a plastic Sdkfz 251/10 half track equipped with a 3.7cm PaK AT gun. Decals for the half track are included as well. I found thisto be an odd choice to reinforce the Germans with,  a normal Hano with  MMG would have made more sense but with the PaK half track players will get a chance to use the HE template, with no further purchase.
As a starter set, Band of Brothers is a great introduction to Bolt Action 2nd ed. and after playing just a few games, you will be ready to buy more, or pick a new army, and get stuck right in, storming the beaches, gliding down towards the Pegasus Bridge, or just sitting back, enjoying the Allies attempt at gaining ground as you mow them down from the safety of your bunkers!
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