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Our first Kickstarter, Napoléon 4th edition launched successfully and so we're going to use Kickstarter again to launch a 3rd edition of Bobby Lee. Many gamers consider Bobby Lee (first published in 1993) the finest operational game ever done for the American Civil War. 

Bobby Lee 3.0 will get a similar upgrade to Napoléon. There will be a new deluxe mapboard and foil labels.  The new map is 30% larger with ample room for the blocks. The blocks will remain the same 20mm size that we use to avoid cluttering-up the map.

October 12, 1870, Robert E. Lee died - age 63
in Lexington, Virginia at Washington and Lee University. He was laid to rest in the Lee Chapel pictured here.

Rest in Peace

Keep Bobby Lee's Memory Alive...  

Replay and study his brilliant campaigns.    Play Bobby Lee.

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Bobby LeeAs we continue to revise and playtest Bobby Lee, our main goal has been to reduce playtime for this game.  Versions 1.0 and 2.0 were good, but an entire game 1861-65 could take 10-12 hours to finish.  That was barely acceptable twenty years ago when Bobby Lee was first published.  Not true today.  So, we are working towards cutting that time in half.

How will we manage that?  Essentially we are compacting time with quarterly turns instead of monthly turns, and we are reducing the number of units in play with a revised Order of Battle.  These changes are producing a game that plays much faster, yet is still a great game experience.

If you have comments you care to make on these changes, or on the original game, please do so.  There is time to influence the 3.0 rules, provided you want easier, streamlined play.  More chrome is unlikely to make the cut.  Stay tuned...

Bobby Lee on Kickstarter!

For those who are not familiar with Bobby Lee, some detailed reviews are available online on

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