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ZOCH GAMES 2013:  Reviews on Most of these Games to follow

Clucking hens, ghost blitzes and wine barrels  -  New games for the whole family    

Clucking hens, ghost blitzes and wine barrels crashing about. The Munich games publisher Zoch will present new board games for young and old at the coming Spiel 2013 in Essen from October 23 to 27, 2013. The focus is on games for the little ones four years and up, more demanding family games and communication games for every party. There is also an anniversary to celebrate: the much acclaimed children’s game “Chicken cha cha cha“ is 15 years old. To celebrate the occasion a new children’s game for five years and up is in stores now and an iPad app with an interactive game and didactic approach.


The chickens Zicke and Zacke are cult among kids since 15 years  Zoch is proud about this birthday

For the 15th anniversary of the game the multi award-winning chickens of Chicken cha cha cha are back. Zicke and Zacke are the protagonists in the new “Zicke & Zacke – Ran an die Federn!“ by author Klaus Zoch. Team play is first and foremost.

Zicke and Zacke come together for the great feather decorating duel. They start off tail to tail, then run off in opposite directions. However this time it is not just each clucking hen for itself, the hens can also form teams. If there are three or four players two teams are formed,  one of which stays with Zicke while the other tries to collect the missing feathers for Zacke, pecking for worms together. Along their paths tempting tasty worms disappear into the soil time and again. To advance Zicke and Zacke have to focus on the tiles, which are full of worms. Each time a chicken passes the other it wins a feather, which makes its plumage prettier, but also slows the plumage bearer down. The winner is the player with all four feathers in their own tail.

The pert hunt for feathers for two to four young chickens aged five and up with a good memory is as usual wonderfully illustrated by Doris Matthäus. Price about EUR 20.


Zicke Zacke Hühnerkacke on the App Store The chickens Zicke and Zacke

The famous kidsgame “Zicke Zacke Hühnerkacke” from Zoch is on the App Store. More than one million games are sold in 15 years. Known as Chicken Cha Cha Cha the game has won several awards for Best Children's Game including the prestigious award in 1998 "Kidsgame of Year" (Kinderspiel des Jahres). It helps to train visual memory and concentration - essentials skills in child development.

Kids aged 4 and up race animated chickens around a meadow, all while training their visual memory. Who will be the first to collect all tail feathers and cackle in triumph? Parents are invited to play and test their memory skills, too! The goal of the game: To adorn yourself with borrowed plumes. Try to match the card that's next in your way with a card in the middle of the game board to advance. If your chicken catches up to the next player, you are able to steal her feathers! Collect all feathers to win the game. The fast-paced brainteasing chicken rally is a exciting classic for kids of all ages.

The colorful, merry chickens take this board game classic and bring it to the iPad with intuitive controls suitable for children. The screens are full of details to explore and easily accessible for even the youngest kids, thanks to numerous tests done with children during development of the app. Parents can customize the difficulty and limit the number of games allowed in a play session. Once the play session is over, night comes and the chicken go to bed. Easy, child-oriented, kid-safe – like the "real" board game. In the App Store EUR 4,99.

        Another NEW Zoch game  VACA LOCA

“Schmatzspatz“ –  the offspring are waiting to be fed      

The mommy bird does her best to get all her chicks full. That is easier said than done. In the new children’s game “Schmatzspatz“ twelve chicks stretch their hungry beaks into the air at the same time.

Four wood birds are set up around the round rotatable game board. Each parent bird approaches the nest of its offspring with a worm in its beak. However whether it will be able to offer the worm to a chick depends on the observation skill and the luck of the player. Two game versions promise varied feeding rounds. In the basic cooperative version the playing chicks let their parents approach them with worms in their beaks. Once all chicks are full they close their beaks contentedly and the parent birds have won the game together. In a more competitive version of the game the aim is for each player to get rid of their stock of worms as quickly as possible. Players who observe the rotating game board attentively will be able to identify the really hungry beaks.

“Schmatzspatz“ satisfies the basic need of children for nest warmth and their hunger for knowledge, to understand what is happening in the natural environment around them. The children’s game, which is suitable for children of four and up, is available in stores for about EUR 30.

“Ghost Blitz 5 to 12“ – no midnight party without Ghost Blitz 


They are on their way to becoming a cult – the ghost blitzes by Zoch! For who does not wish to let their brains dance? After “Ghost Blitz“ and “Ghost Blitz 2.0.“ found their fans, they are now being followed by the sequel ”Ghost Blitz 5 to 12“. The new game by author Jacques Zeimet is just the thing for anyone who wishes to activate their brain cells – it is an intellectually stimulating brain jogging challenge. Quick-witted reaction artists of eight and up will love this type of midnight party.

In the game it is a question of quickly identifying, snatching or calling out. All that is needed here are cards and different colored objects: as all players participate simultaneously the game ensures highly interactive fun at the witching hour. There are nine objects in five colors waiting to be snatched up, with the cards in a pile next to them. Players snatch up objects whose shape and color are shown exactly on the card or objects that are neither the shape nor the color of the object shown.  Quick reactions are called for as the witching hour approaches or the magic mirror appears.

“Ghost Blitz  5 to 12“ is a reaction game extraordinaire which lasts up to 20 minutes and is a unique combination of playfulness, puzzlement. combinatorial suspense and thrills. For up to eight players eight and up. Price: about EUR 18.

“Polterfass“ – settling the bill with the innkeeper  

Not only for a bachelor party! For families with children of eight and up “Polterfass“ by the Zoch game publisher promises rounds of clattering fun. Here there are no dice which fall from the cup but real barrels. If they stand where they are their contents are poured out for guests. Those that don’t fall over can be thrown again – or not. The innkeeper decides and players take turns playing this role. As in real life the other players try to get as much of the cool brew that is poured out as possible. However, if their order is too high altogether then it is the innkeeper’s turn again. 

Each round of this crafty family game calls for knowledge of human nature, instinct and luck, as every innkeeper has a different character when pouring and the barrels stand and fall according to their own laws. Two special barrels increase the playing fun. The game which is suitable for up to six players costs about EUR 18 in the stores.

“Sauschwer“ – what Weighs more?     



What weighs more? The large hand of the clock on the Hamburg “Michel“  church or ten crates of beer? The challenge is for players to estimate this and other “weight problems“. The game focuses on the two sides of a scale, onto which the players “load“ fictional objects. It is all about estimating: on which scale pan has more weight collected? The solution is often bewildering and sometimes decidedly close. The player who is right wins valuable victory points …

Apart from amazing findings and “hair’s breadth” decisions “Sauschwer“ offers a simple game system which is suitable for entertaining game evenings  for the whole family. Included in the game are 188 cards, a set of scales, a balance beam, a stone weight and tip chips. This ”beastly easy“ estimating game by Andrea Meyer and Martin Schlegel for three to eight daring estimators of ten and up is available in stores for about EUR 18. Duration: about 30 minutes.

 “Hands off!“ – a communication game for any party

“Hands off!“ (in german “Finger weg”)  by Peter Wichmann  is a really exciting communication game about curious knowledge. Witty topic references call for players to behave intuitively – fun is guaranteed! The game has a total of 287 cards from seven categories. Of eight apparently (in)accurate statements only one is “hot“ (that is: right). And it is a matter of not burning one’s fingers on this … Which statement is embarrassing is hidden behind the eight sliding doors of a “fuse box“ which is passed from player to player

The game which is suitable for any party, can be played by up to eight cool heads of twelve and up, who are not deceived by tempting sounding false statements. Duration: about 45 minutes. Price about EUR 40.

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