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We fell in love with Tekhenu’s shadow mechanism - it's so clever and fresh that we got inspired and made yet another game! You can play it while waiting for Tekhenu release in August !


Game contents:
- 12 worker tiles
- 1 game sheet

🎁This is a Print and Play game - it's prepared to be printed and cut out at home, using only paper and scissors. You won’t need any special equipment – the home printer will do just fine! After purchase you will get a link to the place from where you can download files.

Build one of the great obelisks of ancient Egypt. Aim higher and higher while remembering that what the shadow touches must never be disturbed!

Shadow of the Obelisk is a Tick-and-Write game in which you must employ the most helpful workers to build your obelisk and decorate it with a variety of beautifully carved symbols. Scribe scrolls to receive additional points and powerful bonus actions. Be careful, however! As your obelisk rises in height, the shadow it casts will begin to obscure the symbols on your wall, making them unavailable for you to use!

Each player is given a game sheet that contains a construction area for their obelisk, a wall filled with symbols, and three scrolls. In the middle of the table is a pool of three workers, represented by square tiles.



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