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Playable solo or with a friend (or friends, up to 4 players) sitting next to you (not actually necessay to be in the same room but it's much more fun if you are). Although it is available for the PC via STEAM its main selling point is that if you have a VR system, then you can play it in glorious bloody sense-and-vision-around. Unfortunately for me I do not yet have a VR system, though I have finally upgraded to a PS4 where apparently (I played on Steam) it is the bees-knees of action based, side-scrawling brawlers.


Four street survivors, Eddie, Mick, Teller and Rei, are fed up with London (complete with Big Ben and a Red Double-Decker Bus) being over-run with the Undead, Zombies and their bloody bigger brawler buddies. VR apart, there isn't a lot different with this game and the dozens and dozens of games in this genre available across the home media systems (consoles and PCs). The animation is pretty static, you "walk" across the screen and glide from the front to the back. Zombies pop up through the ground and surround you, though their intelligence is poor, as you would expect and hope, so running away then turning back and hitting them with power whacks or combos usually works fairly well.

Each time you make it past an electric barrier you arrive in another part of London where the Zombies may be the same as you have already fought or sometimes a little cleverer - some have learned to stay out of arm's reach and can hit from a short distance so you have to either use your (limited) grenades (you only carry one at a time) or get in quick and fast under the Zombie's long reach and pummel it.


Difficulty can be changed but this usually just means more Zombies per square pixel of screen space. The Tutorial is worth taking even if you are used to this type of game as it teaches you the various combinations of movement and striking. Along the way you can pick up glowing coloured balls of light, these are new skills and certain actions need you to use the skill of the same colour as the required action (Green skill to a Green action etc). Occasionally you will see boxes with an Arrow marked on them. If you jump up on them and manoeuvre your way to the "Easter Egg" you generally find something pretty useful.


I have said that the A.I. for the Zombies is as you would expect, slow and brainless (hence their need for brains), but the big bastard at the end of each road isn't as stupid or slow, in speed or of thought, as the general mob of undead. It takes some dextrous finger work to beat the big guy, normally having to defeat his minions first. Running over items on the floor doesn't collect them as in many games of this type, you actually have to stand over them and press "F" to pick them up and this can be painful if you haven't cleared the screen beforehand. If you spend too long on a screen the Zombies will reappear ready for Round 2.


Overall this is exactly what it is supposed to be, a bloody good fun game. The combos are great fun and can include the use of a Cricket Bat (it is England after all, so no Baseball Bat), a large spiked Hammer and a Sword, though from experience these don't seem to last as available for too long. It also has a reasonably decent price; £10.99 from the Steam Store   or  $14.99 on the PSN Store


There is an old term "Paint the Town Red" and this is what the heroic survivors are wanting to do, Paint the Town Bloody Red with Zombie blood and guts, and you can help them.





Just a quick note: 
Watch out for the unusual keys use.
Arrows keys = move
A = Weapon 1
S = Secondary Weapon
[Ctrl} = Quick Skill
D = Dodge
F = Interact
Z = Throw
[Spacebar]  = Jump
Combos are mainly As and Ss 

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