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PEGASUS SPIELE's series of cooperative detective games all play in exactly the same way but all give exactly the same result - brain boggling challenges, solid story bases and fathomable clues. 

There are three main decks of cards representing thirteen locations, twelve clues and 36 possible score per location. There are also 4 Clue cards that allow you to read the clue at four separate locations, as long as you have previously visited that location or are at that location. These clues can be helpful but generally they only fill in one of the gaps in the story that you are rebuilding.

Each story is given to you piecemeal and it is up to you to uncover the actual facts from the fictions and discover the truth behind the incident that lead to a death. Sometimes you can save the person from dying, other times discovering why they died brings peace to others.  A set of 9 generic cards act as the timer, you can visit 10 (including the first one for free) locations during play.

BLOOD in the GUTTER is a tale based in Chicago in the late 1920s, the time of Prohibition.

Every location adds a little to the tale and then offers you three clue options; 1, 2 and 3 for you to select from. Once you make up your mind you flip over the score card with the same number as your choice, and this will give you a score, usually -2 through 0 to +2. At then end of the game (after the ninth time card is used) you add up your score and compare it to the actual story to see how well you have done.


Throughout the game your decisions may alter the timeline so that the end of the story as you were told at the beginning may not actually occur. By doing this you might save the day or you might let a killer go free. Even though in your own minds you may know/think you know who did it, if you haven't proven it by your actions then you haven't truly solved the case.

Once you have played one of the UNDO games you can open the next one and set it up in seconds. Then you read the opening story and it's just like a Ploice procedural TV show, you follow the clues until you have a satisfactory ending, you fail miserably, or like we have a couple of times, miss out on success by one point - usually because there was a vote amongst you at some time during play as to which option to take and you took the wrong one. Generally if you get plus scores on each of the locations, even just the +1s, you will be successful.

Each game is the same but each story is totally different. Play takes about an hour which makes the UNDO series excellent friend and family social games.

Found online at £8.00 - £14.00 usually plus postage.




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