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I have yet to understand the fascination for MINECRAFT. It has no visual appeal, it is often hard to determine what you are looking at.
Chickens look like Ducks (or are they Ducks looking like Chickens?) and other blobs of blocky colour move across and over the screen
delighting the fans and baffling all others. My grand-daughter (9) sits and watches Minecraft for hours on end - not playing, not trying
to interact, just watching, and she isn't the only one.

BLOCKSTORM is, to me, Minecraft with action, much the same way as LEGO is now not only a building toy, it's a number of action
games. Blockstorm is an all-action interactive game played across the UK and Europe and, I believe, the USA. (if not America then no
doubt it soon will be).

To begin with let me say that if you like Deathmatch and Team combat games then you have played this game many times already in so
many different formats - Doom, Unreal etc etc etc. Like those games you get to select a character, this time by type, and there are many
different types to choose from. To add some humour into what is basically a simple kill or be killed game, the designers have given the
characters (or at least a fair number of them) personalities by way of looks and dress. Amongst the characters you will find John Rambo,
(First Blood), Mr T (the A-Team), Walter White (Breaking Bad), Leon (Leon) and many others.

Once you have selected your soldier and their weapons - not so many options on weaponry to begin with - then you select the location
Abandoned City, Harbor, Two Castles or the Middle-East and then the Mode - DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch or Random Assault. Now
it's time to enter the game. Find a game, log into it and spawn.

Like most of this game type you spawn in a safe place, spawning safely after each death. When you get killed you spawn again very fast
much faster than in most games. The central mouse wheel changes weapon, rifle, gun, knife, grenade etc. right mouse button brings up
the aim position and the left mouse button fires or uses the weapon, WASD moves your character - all as usual.

Take a little time to learn the game and you will discover more than a kill or be killed game. You can create your own environment using
the blocks to build structures and passages etc. Then, and this is the really fun part, you can destroy them.

So to recap - it looks like Minecraft, plays like Unreal and has the building possibilities of Lego, what more could you want ?

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