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Blockers! The Card Game

Get Ready:
Define the game playing area with the 20 Frame Cards—Numbers on top and bottom and Letters on the side creating a 4 x 4 playing card area and then deal 16 Victory Cards onto the grid.

Play a Hand Card face-up on the table in front of you, and then take a Victory Card from the matching row, column, or region on the “Board”. Place the Victory Card on top of a single stack in front of you.
Every additional Victory Card you take this round must match either the color or the shape displayed by the card on the top of your stack. Be clever, you only get one of each type of Hand Card plus one
“Kicker” (wild card). You will play as many rounds as there are players.

Block your opponents and foil their plans by anticipating and taking the Victory Cards they will want based on the top card in their stack.

Collect the most Victory Cards to win!  

The Card Game is a smaller version of the 2007 board game Blockers! and is designed by the original game's designer, Kory Heath. However there are some more than subtle differences
between the board game and this card version. 
In the boardgame (which I haven't played but have read up on) players place and take tiles from a 9 x 9 grid, hoping to be left with the least of their own tiles on
the grid. In the card game the grid is a 4 x 4 block  made from 16 cards surrounded by a border of cards created from four corners  with a large Spade, Club, Heart or Diamond as the cornerstone. The tiles that make
this border are: Spades - A, B, 1 & 2 - Clubs - A, B, 3 & 4  Hearts - C, D, 3 & 4 and Diamonds - C, D, 1 & 2.  The picture below shows a typical set up.

The players have to collect the most cards. They do this by playing the cards from their personal deck so that the card they play matches a card available in one of the columns and rows (or 2x2 corner grid).
Example: Player A plays a card value "1" they can take any of the cards in column 1 - using the picture as an example this would be a Blue Triangle, Purple Circle, Red Half Moon or Yellow Star. They would take
this card and place it face up in front of themself. the next card they take (next turn) has to be either the same colour or the same symbol as the previous one. Star to Star or Blue to Blue (or Blue Star to Blue Star)
as examples.

Apart from their own deck each player also has a "KICKER" card. This is to be kept secret from the other players until you play it. Its purpose is to allow players to change the direction of their collecting pile, to the
colour/symbol shown on it, making it possible for the player to continue collecting if there are no cards in the grid they could collect. The cards are colourful squares of quality linen style paper/card with rounded corners,
all the symbols are black on a coloured background, therefore a Blue Circle card is actually a Black Circle on a Blue background (as an example). 

Play continues in rounds, each round ending when all players cannot collect any more cards from the grid. The grid is restocked and play starts again and continues until the grid cannot be restocked fully at the start
of a new round. The player with the most cards in their collecting pile wins.

This is for 2-4 players with games lasting 15-30 minutes depending on the number of players and how quickly they play. There isn't a lot of thought or planning required, just visual dexterity and a little luck, just what is
needed for a Family game which youngsters can encouragingly enjoy.  Blockers is a fun family game that is easy to play and easy to understand by players of ages from about 8 years and upwards. 

This excellent card game version is published by GRYPHON GAMES of FRED Distribution. 





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