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BLOCK n LOAD from JAGEX GAME STUDIO is a wild game of Blues versus Reds over various landscapes that are Minecraft-esque in style and build. Each of the blocks that make up the terrain, the buildings, the ground etc can be beaten up and broken down to the point of disintegration. This allows you to follow your adversaries by travelling through walls (not actually through them but by removing them because they are obstacles) or you can dig tunnels and run along them. Unfortunately, like most of the action-based team v team games, each character has their name, in their team colour, prominently above their heads. These can be seen above walls etc whilst the bodies can be seen through walls etc in a form of coloured X-Ray; plus you can see everyone's movement on the game's mini map.


The action is manic run around, changing weapons or direction by a single keystroke, firing various guns for range attacks and using a sharp looking blockblade when close in. If you go straight into playing a game, joining a team and going at it, you will miss the opportunity of enjoying the tutorial which allows you to wander around, with missions, taking your time and not getting shot at.

Like Minecraft you can build things out of the blocks. If there is a chasm needs crossing you can build a bridge across it. The fun thing is though that you don't just drop a plank across the void, you position a block, then you can step on it and build the next one. Often you have to build blocks into stairways and that actually takes a lot of thinking and planning. 

I'm not sure it's actually my type of game for long term play, but it is a bit of fun and it does while away a little time whilst I'm watching youtube or whatever on the other monitor. There is thought, as I said, required in the building and concntration in the combat (both of which means I am either missing the action on youtube or dying because I'm not missing the action on youtube).


Definitely a great past-time for Minecraft players and Minecraft watchers - yes there are people out there who simply like to watch other people play Minecraft, yet they don't play it much or at all, themselves.



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