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There is already a WORLD of WARCRAFT card game which is one of the better TCGs currently available, on par in my opinion, with MAGIC the GATHERING and WARLORD, both of which I thoroughly enjoy playing. MAGIC the GATHERING is already available as an online game, sadly I haven't heard that WARLORD will be joining this elite group, and now there is HEARTHSTONE from BLIZZARD which is a World of WARCRAFT based card game yet not the same game as the CRYPTOZOIC collectible card game.

After playing through the beginner games, which you should win quite comfortably even if you have never played a card game before, you reach this screen. Here you see your deck, the one that is randomly selected for you at the game's start, in one of the compartments on the left. The other compartments are locked and contain the heroes/villains you can see listed on the right  - Warlock, Druid, Shaman, Warrior etc... These are much tougher adversaries and you are likely to lose several times until luck and good card play puts you in the winners seat. When you win, any game, you are rewarded, usually with free cards to add into your deck.

Your first draw from the deck may look like this. You are dealt 3 cards usually but occasionally have a bonus (given off-screen without you having to do anything) that gives you an extra card. From my play experience you are always in control of the character on the lower part of the screen. On your turn you gain One Crystal; cards cost Crystals to bring out into play,. You gain One Crystal per turn and they return to you after spending. Each card has a cost (in Crystals) and 2 numbers, the left side shows the damage it will do; the right side shows the damage the card can take. The centre of the card contains text which is either describing the power or action the card brings to the battle. Often cards can come from your hand and straight into play, attacking and damaging either your opponent's Champion or their minions, sometimes both. There are no blocks allowed like in MtG and other games. If the attacker wants to damage the opposing Champion and his minion has the ability then it will take place,

This is how a head to head battle takes place. The combatants are shown front and centre with their minions in front (and centre) of them. The fireball to the right side of a Champion can be used once per turn, it costs 2 crystals to do 1 point of damage to either an opposing minion or Champion. Each Champion has a beginning number of lives and there are cards that may return some of these once they are lost, very similar to most collectible trading card games.

  Here the above battle has progressed and I am in deep do-do. The Paladin is far stronger than I am and his draw of cards has been better than mine. Whether he is just lucky or not I don't know but I have not managed to defeat him, or any of the other Heroes/Champions yet. Once they are defeated they become available for you to use, so it is good that they are tough to beat. 

There are games to play against ingame opposition and there are games that can be played online against real people. You can also visit the shop and purchase extra cards and decks for real money.

At the moment this game is in BETA but judging on what I have seen and played to date I cannot see any reason why it will not be available full game very soon.

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