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Blazing Core is a team centric tactical shooter featuring mech knights. Adjust your mech according to your chosen playstyle, combine your abilities with those of your teammates, come up with and use various tactics to fight giant battle machines.


This is a fun shoot-em-up in the world of mechs. Play solo or cooperate in a team but basically what you have to do is destroy every enemy mech in sight. Whether you play alone or with friends you are in a group of four mechs, armed to the $bank, and either fully armoured and so slow the action may well be over by the time you get to where it's all going down or you get there nice and quickly but get blown to bits while you're waiting for your group to join you. Of course it's not all like this, it's up to you and your friends to work together, surrounding and flanking and keeping together until it's time to take those actions.


Graphically this is a great game for mech lovers. There are many different types and styles to choose from and each has it's own uniqueness of weaponry etc. As mentioned, some are faster than others and some have heavier weaponry, the choice at all times is up to the player. This choice isn't just picking which Mech to operate but you also have full control over the upgrades and customisation. The best quote comes from the Steam Community page: "Mindless rushes are crushed by teamwork and tactics, while smart mech-hero synergy gives you a real edge in combat."

Overall this is a game about combat survival, but without teamwork it is deadly and unforgiving - if you don't make a plan you are soon going to find yourself back at the starting point. It is also one of the games that is being put under the genre of being an MMO, like many other new action adventure games. None of these are what I personally think of as an MMO, they are multi-player that's true but the genre is the new "team centric tactical shooter" rather than the online style of an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online). It's not an MMO per se but you do get to personalise your Mechs, unlock new weapons and change tactics according to the current situation. 


I also think that gamers who enjoy tabletop Mech games will enjoy this as an alternative when they aren't around a wargaming table covered with scenery and miniatures. This is one of the best representations of Mech combat I have played on the PC. The different Mechs look shiny and detailed as if they were miniatures painted specifically for a games convention demonstration or display game but the action takes the tabletop games a few steps closer to realism; if the armies of the world really used Mechs this is what the action could well be like.

This game is currently in Open Beta but it already has enough content to show how good it is going to be when completed.

The path of the knight is the gaze directed inwards.

Blazing Core is a multiplayer epic shooter about mech knights. The giant battle machines have been created to be as perfect as one can get and are suitable for various combat styles. For its heroic pilot the mech can become their armor, weapon, and even a noble steed.
All machines are unique and differ in looks and functionality. However, all of them carry inside a core of pulsing energy – and without it the battle giants are just heaps of high tech scrap. In turn, the pilots are united by the code of chivalry – after all, without any moral values humans are just animals. Let this boundless power be directed by human hands and not beastly paws!

Blaze, oh knight! Don the futuristic armor and blaze!





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