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BlazeRush, Explosive Top Down Racing Action on the PC and PS3  

Top Down Combat Racing Mayhem Rips Up The Racetrack 

Targem Games BlazeRush, is a new take on fast-paced top-down racing combat for the PlayStation 3 and Windows PC through digital download distribution service Steam. It is pricedaround  $9.99 / € 9.99.

With a focus on multiplayer and fast competitive race action, BlazeRush allows up to four players to race and fight on the same screen (up to eight players can play online) and the good thing is that local and
online players can join at any time, even during a race.

BlazeRush does away with the traditional damage and health pick-ups allowing players to race until they drop - drop being the operative word as the way to end your race (other than cross the finish line) is to
drop off the edge of a cliff while racing. Races become more competitive due to the assortment of weapon power-ups that can be collected and used again opponents. You get to manoeuvre other players vehicles
out of the game through pushing, throwing, stunning or slowing them down through the use of these weapons, all the time trying to keep yourself in the race. 

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You can use hand-held controllers or the keyboard to race. If you are a bit cack-handed (like me) you'll probably find the hand-held controller easier than the keyboard which
uses the Arrow keys plus [Ctrl] and [Shift] for picking up and using the objects and items.

The race tracks are generally very tight cornered arenas, quite like motorcycle scrambling tracks, and make for really exciting races, even if you are in action against computer opposition
There's not a lot else I can say. It's a race game that is fun to play alone or with friends, okay especially with friends, and it is quite difficult to control the cars on the very tight bends
which makes it all the more enjoyable. It is colourful, explosive, great with the volume turned up, and has a good array of vehicles to select from and customise as you gain experience.

In many respects it is very similar to other games in this genre but it has that extra something that makes you return to it before most others when you feel like a bit of mindless
but amusingly enjoyable road rage where survival is the only winner

About Targem

Targem Games was established in 2002 with the aim of producing quality projects for players all over the world. Targem Games is currently one of the largest developers of videogames in Russia.
The company's projects are characterized by high quality standards and original design, confirmed by a number of industry awards. The best-known games from the studio are Star Conflict,
Etherlords, Armageddon Riders, Swarm/MorphX, and Hard Truck. More than 70 highly skilled employees are working at the company developing cool games across many 

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