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A Gaijin  ICEBERG  Steam cooperative game for PC and Game Consoles Campaign Game:

Dressed in time-honoured manner for a female treasure hunter/adventurer Ayumi follows the Dragonpath and is soon in a world filled with Chaos Magic and a multitude of creatures, mostly who want to destroy her. You control Ayumi.

The adventure expands from the fiery lands into an ancient city where at first all of the treasure chests are empty (did Lara Croft get here first ?) and the majority of passageways and doors are magically locked or blocked.

This is a role-playing adventure of the highest magnitude. The animation is superb, the action is fast, even faster if you combine wielding your two swords while performing a neat speedy slide move. Your opponents, whether high in AI or just animated statues hit hard and play for keeps.

As you go forward you learn, sometimes gaining new skills and powers, basically as you would expect in this game environment.

BLADES of TIME is a sequel to the 2007 action game, X-BLADES .


The Limited Edition version comes with extras, such as the OUTBREAK mode and the Dismal Swamp DLC that lets you play the Michelle - another scantily clad  heroine  - along with her friend Hero. Her mission is to prevent Ayumi from awakening the Keeper by assisting the Skyguards.

OUTBREAK is the multi-player version and is an energetic and captivating bloodfest. You can also play this version solo but it so obviously is designed for cooperative play.

DISMAL SWAMP, like BLADES of TIME, is a game of action and puzzle solving except with a different story and different characters. There is also the option of rewinding time [TAB].

Just for the fun  of it, the designers have made a fair number of the monsters and creatures Zombies of some sort or another. These are possibly the creatures and humans who have been killed previously in this world of Chaos and regenerated as Guards.

There are a few annoyances, such as the SkyGuard Commander getting stuck behind a rock and holding up the game (this was easily remedied by just hitting [Esc] and then [Continue] plus there is my ultimate favourite annoyance, there are no SAVE slots; the game AutoSaves at various Checkpoints (it doesn't tell you when a checkpoint has been reached but they are pretty darned obvious) which means if the phone suddenly rings or people turn up unexpectedly (yes, even the postman) you cannot just hit SAVE and come back later. You either have to ignore the phone and/or the people (including the postman) or you have to let your Avatar fend for itself - which it doesn't - while you take a time out. The chances are you'll be dead and have to begin the game from the last checkpoint, and of course the chances are that you have just spent 15-20 minutes wiping out all the bad guys in an area and only had a couple to go when you had to opt out.

During combat always remember to watch your life bar. Pressing Q will often give you life back, as will standing still  (but not in combat) for a few moments. As your Avatar advances the game becomes more frenetic. You often will find the need to quickly swap from Gun to Swords but remember if you have your gun in hand, pressing the E button for the spectacular slow-motion Kill Strikes, (some of which are actually pretty cool considering they are computer generated) you will then have no weapon in your hand - though Left Mouse Button will immediately see you draw and attack with your twin blades.  Overall this game has some neat touches, great graphics, beautiful backdrops and quality game play. 


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