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NCSOFT® Announces Blade & Soul® to Launch in Europe and North America this Winter

Closed Beta Planned for Autumn 2015

NCSOFT has announced that  Blade & Soul will launch in Europe and North America this winter.  Blade & Soul is a game unlike any other, set in an Asian, mythological world where fast-paced combat collides with the visual beauty of a Far-East martial arts massively-multiplayer online universe. Since its initial launch in Asia in mid-2012,  Blade & Soul has attracted tens of millions of players across South Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan, while emerging as one of the top MMORPGs in the world.

“Blade & Soul is one of the most anticipated online games by Western consumers", commented John Burns, senior vice president of publishing at NCSOFT West. Blade & Soul delivers an engaging story and vibrant world for players to explore. In the game, players must fight to avenge the death of their fallen master in a classic Wuxia storyline. For more details please see attached press release and below links to the official trailer and website.

Blade & Soul Announce Trailer (YouTube link):

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