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NCSOFT announced today that the first closed beta weekend for Blade & Soul begins tomorrow, 29th October at 18:00 CET / 17:00 UTC. All players who have purchased a Founder’s Pack of any tier will have access this weekend, as well as a random assortment of players who signed up on the Blade & Soul website. Slated for a free-to-play launch in the first quarter of 2016, Blade & Soul seamlessly melds martial arts and mythology as players seek vengeance against evil forces bent on destroying their world

“Closed beta is a very exciting time for Blade & Soul, as this is the first time that a lot of the community will have hands-on time with the game”, said Nicolas Coutant, producer at NCSOFT West. “We’ve been hard at work developing a unique MMO experience that players will enjoy, and we can’t wait to see more players breathe life into the martial arts world of Blade & Soul”.

The closed beta period begins this weekend and will be followed by four additional weekends spanning a total of 21 days that will give players the chance to test gameplay and performance prior to the title’s official release next year. A new trailer is available here:

For more information about Blade & Soul or to purchase a Founder’s Pack, visit

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