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The fifth and final game of a truly amazing point and click adventure series from the masters of Point and Click, WadJetEye.


Once again you are drawn into the weird and wacky world of the Blackwell family. Controlling Rosa (Rosangela - a wannabe
author and Medium) or Joey Mallone (now her Ghost assistant). Joey originally was the Ghostly help to Rosa's aunt Lauren.
Although the stories don't truly carry over, you do not need to have played the previous 4 games in the series. However it really
is best to play them because then you will understand the conversations between Joey and Rosa, the jokes and sarcastic comments
and the clues hidden in these chats and comments.

Over the series the games haven't really evolved that much by way of graphics, animation or voice acting, only the stories and
clue finding have, mostly, advanced.

Joey, being a Ghost, cannot touch or hold/pick-up/hit any thing or one though he can be seen by and talk to Rosa. He also has
the ability to blow a cold breeze which is often strong enough to propel objects, small and/or light, towards Rosa which she can
then use in the solving of the current puzzle. Unlike many point and click adventure games the puzzles are mostly logical. You
often discover the puzzle when controlling Joey, then he often needs to help somehow before you switch characters to Rosa to
perform the physical actions.

This final game has some settings in the past where you get to control two other (surprise) characters.

This is a regular point and click game where you continually sweep the cursor until something causes it
to change shape. On occasion you may see a small twinkling object to investigate but usually it is plain
old seek and find detective work.
The character interaction is often amusing and occasionally of use for solving clues.
The puzzles are intuitive and generally make sense - in some games you have to perform all manner of
random and often ridiculous actions, but not in the Blackwell games. The only annoying thing about these
games is the number of times you have to swap back and forth between Joey and Rosa.
The graphics are pixelated but much clearer than in some of the current trendy retro games.
The backdrops are clearer and more detailed, even if they are only non-active mattes.

To play these games through to their conclusions you need to be dedicated and have a lot of patience. As
I have aged in years, though maybe not mentally, I have a tendency to not be as patient as I (think) I used
to be, so I had to resort to internet walkthroughs - but never cheats. I don't mind the occasional point in the
right direction, especially when I am getting frustrated and annoyed - with myself and the game - so I find
a text walkthrough where I can just pick the part I need and then carry on until I am stuck again. I never use
the sort of cheat that give you abilities etc. Thankfully the internet has walkthroughs available for all of the
five games.

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