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Black Wasp Games have postponed the kickstarter for Warbands for the forseeable future, deciding to get concentrate on their sculpts. Warbands is a great little game, and will be back, just watch this space.


"We would like to start of by thanking our backers and supporting Warbands on kickstarter.

Since our launch of WARBANDS on kickstarter we have been listening to the public and gathering feedback from them. It is because of this we have decided to cancel and post phone WARBANDS until a later date.

This was not a easy decision to make but we figured it is for the best. What we will do now is go and get all of our miniatures sculpted and then have a relaunch at a later date this year. We will also have a copy of the shortened rules available on our website.

We would like to thankyou all for your support through this and we hope to see you at our relaunch".

Warbands is an upcoming 28mm, fantasy tabletop skirmish game, kickstarting on February  28th, 2015.
With 10 races plus 3 types of war-hound and 12 professions there are over 100 possible combinations for each member of your warband when you add in weapons and armour, magic items and spells.
A standard warband is built with 250 gold pieces, this gold is used to buy troops, and equip them with profession, equipment and spells (if profession allows). 
The background is that of Bel'Mor, a land whose history is scarred by war. Now entering the third age, battles are fought with small groups of troops, or Warbands,  as all out war has become too expensive. 
The game is played on a 30" square area, using D10's for action resolution. The rules are picked up quickly, but like all skirmish games, tactics come with building 'bands and playing. 
One of the features I enjoyed whilst playing,  is the ability to interrupt your opponents actions, but this also uses your own action points (which each warband member has only 2) potentially leaving you unable to act with that character.
Another thing I like, is the potential for campaign play, naming characters, really building a connection with your warband. When my war-hound was killed, I felt a loss, and then went all out to kill the guy who performed that heinous act.
Look out for Black Wasp Games on Facebook, and the upcoming kickstarter, you won't want to miss out.



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