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It’s the Valkyrie’s time to shine today as her Awakening becomes available in Black Desert Online. The Valkyrie normally deals with her enemies using her sword and formidable defenses, but she can now swap to a fearsome one-handed lance which grants her extra reach to engage foes before they come too close.

A defensive force to be reckoned with, the Valkyrie excels at withstanding high-power attacks while supporting her allies with special buffs. In addition to boosting her already rocklike defenses, the class Awakening adds new offensive skills to the Valkyrie’s arsenal, allowing her to deal a greater amount of damage to multiple targets while quickly moving about the battlefield with her long-reaching lance.

Introducing 'The New World'

This week, we also announced a significant change that will come to Black Desert Online on November 30th.
We are thrilled to be able to introduce the “New World,” a crucial feature that will enable the authentic “one world” experience Black Desert Online has been pursuing.
The New World will unleash a new chapter in the world of Black Desert Online where all the players in the same region can experience the same world. 

For more information, please check out our website

Picture the Seasons Contest

We are putting together an official calendar to kick off 2017 in style and invite you to submit creative screenshots of your characters in each of the newly added seasons that will be cycling weekly during the month of November. Top submissions will be featured in the calendar, with winning players receiving a copy. Additionally you can win in-game rewards such as items, titles and last but not least a whopping 160.000 pearls that will be divided under successful entries. For more details on the event, please visit the official forum.

See you in Black Desert Online,

Celebrate Halloween in Black Desert Online and Saddle Up for New Horse Racing Mode

Amsterdam, The Netherlands - October 19, 2016/ Starting tonight, the skies of Black Desert Online will be illuminated with an eerie blood red moon and jack-o’-lanterns will light the misty town streets. Halloween celebrations begin as players are invited to take part in a host of trick-or-treat events that will reward them with special loot. For the full event details and list of rewards, head to the event page.

The trick-or-treat events begin today, October 19 and end on November 9. Watch the Halloween Event Trailer here:

To show your enthusiasm for the spooky season, don’t miss the Halloween Item Bundle. This limited-time bundle will include an exclusive Bloody Suit costume, Ghost pet, Skeletal Horse Equipment skin, Halloween furniture set, Decor set, and much more. Combined, the vanity items in this bundle represent a $98.00/€98.00 value, but will be sold for the special price of $45.00/€45.00 during the Halloween event period. Preview the collection here:

Horse Racing
The steadfast companions of every adventurer, horses are some of the strongest and most reliable creatures in Black Desert Online. With the new Horse Racing mode, adventurers can now see how their horses measure up to the competition by racing other players in ranked matches. To learn more about Horse Racing mode, please read the official guide on our forum.

Return of $9.99/€9.99 Starter Package

The $9.99/€9.99 Starter Package makes a permanent return and from Friday these can now be gifted to other players via the new Gift Package system. Players who gift the game are eligible for exclusive rewards. More information on the system and its rewards can be found here.

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