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BITE NIGHT  Designed by Ronald Wettering  Artwork by Ben Beck. It is published by Zoch Zum Spielen
and is a frenzied family game for 3-4 players aged 8+. It is priced around €18.00

The components are Moon tiles, Rendezvous cards, a Place mat (Coffin/Graveyard) and a Score Pad plus a Rules
Book with full rules in German, English, Italian and French. The game takes about 20 minutes to play.


All readers who have followed my reviews in Games Gazette will posibly remember two things I have repeated at
regular interval. The first is that it is by Zoch zum Spielen and in general I cannot fault their games and really enjoy
playing them, and the second is that this is a GRAB game and I really, really do not like Grab Games. So what comes
next will perhaps be a minor shock to the norm.

Clearing up that statement, the game is by Zoch and I do like it, a lot. The game is a GRAB game and I do like it a

The game play is simplicity itself, only the scoring may cause you to think for a little while. This is a chaotic game
of random, luck and speed. Little skill, if any, is required, just wanting to have fun is the main requirement.The game
is played in Rounds with two phases in each Round; Placing A Rendezvous card and Grabbing Moon Tiles.The final
Round is the scoring phase - there is only one scoring phase per game.

Each player is dealt a number of cards and a number of Moon Tiles depending on the number of players. From these
they take turns laying cards face down onto the Rendezvous mat. When all players have laid a card the second phase
of the Round begins.


In the second round, and each alternate round, the players take, unseen, three of their Moon Tiles and hold them in both
hands using fingertips, face down towards the centre of the table. On a given signal (one player can count to three or
whatever they decide) all Moon Tiles are flipped over onto the table face up. This indicates the Grabbing phase has begun.

Players can do whatever it takes, within friendly reason (so not shooting the other players or telling them you will send
them to bed if they don't hand over the tile you want), to obtain exactly three Moon tiles. They can grab from their own
or anyone else's tiles - the only rule about playing these tiles seems to be that they must touch the table face up before they
are deemed to be "live". When all players have 3 tiles they place them face up in front of them then select another card.

They go through these two phases alternately until all Moon tiles have been played. After the last Moon Tile phase players
will have cards left over which are not going to be used in this game.


Now the Cards are flipped over - ensuring at all times that their order is never altered - and the Graveyard mat is flipped to
its Rendezvous side and the cards replaced on to it face up. The players now score acording to what is on the cards and the
Moon tiles they have in front of them.

When playing cards it is a good idea to try to remember what their scoring action is and then attempt to collect Moon Tiles
that will be affected by the card's effect. Of course there is no guarantee that you will match up your Moon tiles to the card
effect as every card is activated in the order it is in the stack. This means that other players may have played cards which do
damage to the Moon Tiles you have (by damage I mean render them of no use (at lest to you) by having them discarded or
stolen. At first it looks like there may be strategies within the play but the way the cards are activated and the mad grabbing
of the Moon tiles squashes any true thoughts of tactics.

The game gets more chaotic as it continues and thus more random and more fun. This is another ZOCH game that is aimed
at younger players and families and yet it has all the qualities required to be another gamers fun game, what we like to call
"a filler", or you may like to refer to it as a beer & pretzels game, though you can get intoxicated on the fumes of the full-on
fun and laughter caused by playing without any need for the presence of alcohol.

I would happily recommend BITE NIGHT to anyone who likes fast moving, fun games which can honestly be learned in just
a few seconds and yet enjoyed by all ages. 

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