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BIG SKY INFINITY explodes onto the Playstation Network in a plethora of startling visuals and full-on action. It is also the first game I have encountered which has what appears to have totally random difficulty levels.

This is an amazingly large game for so little cost - under £8.00 - but it is so unusual that it will not be everyone’s cup of tea.

The game is for 1-4 players on PS3 and is classified as a twin-stick shooter because you use both of the control sticks to move and fire.

The action is as you would expect for  space-combat . As you destroy enemies they fragment into Starbits which are basically the monetary system for you use to purchase upgrades for your ship. You can also spend actual money on downloads for Starbits.

There is also a Boss system, meaning that there is a larger adversary at the end of each level.

As anyone who reads Games Gazette will know I am not particularly good at using the controllers at speed. My fingers and thumbs just don’t move fast enough and my hand-eye coordination gets worse as I get older. This means that I cannot get very far into this game because it is lightning fast.

When playing multi-player I have a better chance when we cooperate but when we play in competition for the most points, well you can guess which position I end up in.

During play the game is ever-shifting, at first only occurring occasionally but as you get better and proceed through the levels changes can occur much quicker. 

There are also events that can instantly change your perspective and rip you through the fabric of time and space, pop you into Black Holes or Worm Holes, alter your ship’s capabilities or even send you into the Nightmare zone.

There are several Modes of play that begin with the usual shoot-em-up combat with you in control of the worst piece of junk spaceship in any Galaxy. Fast and skilful play will see you slowly gain a foothold, upgrade your vessel and open new Modes of play - you have to progress to progress.

Sometimes the illumination of colours, like a wild display of fireworks is a little too much, and the randomness can be frustrating, but they are also exhilarating.

It’s a game about action and reaction, speed against speed, I just wish I was as agile as needed.


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