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BETRAYER is one of those games you begin by finding it thoroughly intriguing and invigorating compared with many of
the games currently available but which you can easily end up hating over minor nuisances - like dying regularly.

It is early 17th Century and your ship has sunk and deposited you on a rocky shoreline. As you watch, the Spanish galleon
that sank you sails off into the distance. On the shore you find a number of barrels, tea chests and the occasional treasure
chest, which of course you set about smashing to see what goodies they hold for you. Unfortunately the barrels do not break,
the treasure chests contain gold coins - which at this precise moment in time are as much use as a chocolate teapot - and the
chests contain things like Arrows and Musket Balls - so not a lot of anything of use at the moment. However in time honoured
tradition for adventure games, you collect all and everything that you can in the hope that it will later be of use.


There is only one path leading away from the beach - you cannot enter the water or climb over the rocks - and after a short while
you start to notice bright red objects. The reason you notice the bright red objects is because everything so far has been stark black
and white - no colour and no grey areas. My first thought was that I had blundered into a Frank Miller Sin City reshoot set in the
long distant past. After finding a few more chests and coins you spy an idol, a wooden carving, by the road (hah!) side. As you get
close you hear a twang and an arrow lodges into the idol, the arrow has a red feathered flight and carries a scrolled message - now
you have knowledge that you are not alone.

You may, if you are lucky, get a fleeting glimpse of a woman in red (cue the music) who has fired the warning arrow. If you don't see
her here don't worry as you will meet her in a little while and be able to converse with her. For now, in a short while you find a crappy
bow and discover that the right mouse button which had appeared to be a zoom command is now actually for aiming, and that you can
fire your arrows and pick them up again.


So now you need someone or something to fire at. This is soon remedied when you round a bend and see a red cloaked Spanish/Roman
looking soldier ahead of you. If you think you are going to chat to him you are wrong - approach him, he hits you, you die and have to
begin again. So you aim your bow and arrow at him and keep firing until he falls - then you can collect your arrows and anything he may
have been carrying - usually not a lot or a broken musket (why can opponents kill you with one hit yet when you kill one and search it he
has nothing of value ?).

A few fights and a couple of treasure chests later (or vice-versa) you see a fort like structure, maybe a wooden-walled town, in the distance.
You can circumnavigate this, where you will find another chest and some grave markers (wooden crosses and headstones) and a back gate to
the town, but this is closed. Heading on round to the front you get inside and find numerous odds and sods all glowing in red showing where
you should investigate. There is a barrel of life giving water, several rough areas in the ground (some of which can be searched) several parts
of a head - eyes, ears and mouth - all of which you need to be able to talk to a ghost-like figure you find. The woman in red (cue music again)
is to be found in the city and she gives you a little more of the plot/story but still leaves you to get on with it alone.


The starkness of the black and white make for an interesting change and the infusion of bright red is really pleasing for me particularly as I am one
of the few people I know who actually really enjoyed the Sin City movie. At this point in time I haven't got much further into the game because I
get really peeved at dying so easily - if a ghostly soldier gets close it kills me, even if I have fired 4 arrows into it, and always with one hit and often
from a distance where it shouldn't even be able to reach me - blooming annoying!

I keep going back to the game and am slowly advancing - if you are quick enough to reset after dying you can collect stuff you dropped but not always.
I have exited the game using the Save and Exit option several times only to find that when I go back to the game I have no easily found option to continue.
It is there but only after you have restarted can you find the [resume] button - not user/player friendly.

I will continue to play but the more I die the more my enthusiasm wanes. Whether I will eventually finish it or not I am not sure, it depends on my mental
faculty ......

The problem is that I like the style, I like the idea and I like the challenge of survival, I just am not so keen on the combat resolution and action mechanic.

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