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European Folklore Bestiary: A Bestiary supplement for Chivalry & Sorcery  

European Folklore Bestiary, via @Kickstarter

Every good role-playing game needs a Bestiary and Chivalry & Sorcery 5th edition is no different.  So we bring to you the European Folklore Bestiary with over 60 adversaries (with variants) to expand on the bestiary in the core rule book.

The books will be printed by the same source as the C&S Core Rule book with a full colour hardcover complete with reading ribbon and silk paper. 

Exclusive to this Kickstarter, we’re offering a special Collector’s Edition with a similar red faux leather cover as the Core Rule book Collectors edition.  The Collector’s Edition will not be available through normal retail channels outside of this Kickstarter.

For the C&S Collectors Pledge, we are releasing 10 of the 100 C&S Core Rule Books with Red Covers, these are extremely limited and we won't reprint the 5th edition in this form again.

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