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Author: Stefan Kloß & Anna Oppolzer  Illustrations:  Alexander Jung


BEASTY BAR: NEW BEASTS in TOWN is a stand-alone game but can also be an expansion. The noisiest and most popular club in town, the BEASTY BAR, is still open all hours and now it is even more popular. The game is the same, the four card sets are the same colours, the queue is the same length but the faces are different, and the club is about to become a lot more noisier as 12 new guests arrive, ready to parteeeeee!!!!   The new animals in town all have different effects but are still numbered 1 through 12. This means if you have both editions of the game you can play Beasty Bar with any of the 24 animals as long as each set is numbered 1-12, you don't even have to have the same set of animals for each person,in fact you don't even have to have the sets numbered 1-12, they just need to be the same colour cards in each set. Either way, if you do have different sets your game is going to be extremely chaotic and one heck of a lot of fun.


The BEASTY BAR has an entrance, known as "Heaven's Gate" and an alley known as the jostling area. The alley is long enough for only 5 animals so as soon as it is filled the first two in line are allowed into the Bar, just as the one at the end of the line gives up and goes home, removed from the game (it actually goes to the "That's It!" card space). The players use the numbers and powers of the animals to ensure they get the majority of their coloured cards into the club; the player with the most of their animals in the Bar at the end of the game wins, the number of cards in the Bar not the numbers on the cards determine the winner.

The differences between the two Beasty Bar games, other than the variety of animals, is the rules are on Blue paper instead of Beige, plus there is a reference sheet in this later edition just to make it easier to check what powers each animal has. Also, I nearly forgot to mention, the Heaven's Gate entrance card features different guests. If you play using cards from both sets you can use whichever entrance you like, there is no advantage to any - all other non-animal cards are the same, exactly.

BEASTY BAR is quick, easy to play, easy to teach. Every game is the same but different, by which I mean the mechanic of play is the same; players have a hand of cards from their own deck/set and they play these into the line (or queue) according to their powers, then five animals cause the queue to move, two go in, one goes out, and the play continues until all players have exhausted their decks.

Play is the same for 2, 3 or 4 players but the game is better with at least three and best with a full compliment. There are variant rules for advanced players but to be honest there is little need for these - it's a fun, family game that really has everything it needs in its simple rules and play.

Animals by number: Original Game  /  New Edition  (basic details given here only).
1.  Skunk: stays in place until the two strongest animals have left the Bar.
1.  Bat: Replaces any one animal next to the Portal (Heaven's Gate). 
2.  The Parrot: An animal of your choice leaves the jostling area.
2.  Vulture: returns the top animal from That's It!
3.  Kangaroo: Jumps over one or two animals at the back of the queue.
3.  Peacock: Proudly pushes in front of the strongest animal in the queue.
4.  Monkey: Needs another Monkey to spark its power.
4.  Dog:  Rearranges all queuing animals according to their numerical value.
5.  Chameleon: Reads what the animals in the queue can do, and copies it.
5.  Penguin:  Copies the power of an animal the player has in their hand.
6.  Seal:  The Portal and the Exclusion card swap places (so front of queue becomes end of queue and vice versa).
6.  Ostrich: Passes all animals in the queue with either even or uneven numbers, player chooses.


7.  Zebra:  Cannot be passed or eaten by Hippos or Crocs and protects animals in front of it from those animals. (Recurring)
7.  Porcupine:  Cannot be sent to That's It! by Animals greater in value than 7 (Recurring).
8.  Giraffe:  Jumps over one animal in front of it on every player's turn (Recurring).
8.  Llama: Sends the first animal under 8 in value in front of it to the end of the queue (Recurring).
9.  Snake: Sorts animals in queue by strength.
9.  Cheetah: Replaces an animal with the lowest card value under 9.
10. Crocodile: Crocs eat all animals in front of it with lower value.
10. Tiger: Replaces the first animal in the queue after the animal next to the Tiger as long as its value is less than 10 (Recurring).
11. Hippo: On every player's turn the Hippo pushes its way to the froont of the line, not passing other Hippos (Recurring).
11. Bear: Sends two species of animal lower than 11 to the end of the queue.
12. Lion: Scares off all Monkeys then moves to the front of the queue, unless there is another Lion there.
12. Rhino: Replaces the strongest animal in the queue


BEASTY BAR, either and/or both editions, is a true family game. The artwork is amazing, the effects/powers make it a whole lot of fun, kids and adults love it. 
BEASTY BAR 1 & 2  join the list of classic line-em-up fun games that count Guillotine and Family Business in their number.

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