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Playing doctor with your colleagues
In the cheeky novelty Hospital Rush by Pegasus Spiele, everybody lies in wait for the position as head doctor – ruse and intrigue help along.

Friedberg, December 10th 2014: As soon as the position as head doctor falls vacant, there is an end to harmony between the interns: Everyone wants the job. Between caring for patients and one’s studies, one has to resort to dodgy tricks in order to shine before the management of the hospital. Too bad, if you give colleagues an idea with that. And then, there are these shady colleagues, who squeal on you without turning a hair.

In Hospital Rush, the players do everything in their power to gain a better reputation in a crazy hospital. For this, each player has individual skills as well as two action markers and a great range of action spaces at their disposal. For instance, they can work night shift, take further courses diligently, take the final exam and cure bizarre patients – from Leonardo DiAbetico to Quentin Quarantino. However, the future demigods in white can behave differently: Money and medicine change owner and those who have enough money can just buy a better reputation. But watch out when one of the colleagues gets wind of it and talks! In this hospital, one must save lives and have a killer instinct at the same time, in order to gain prestige and the position as head doctor.

With Hospital Rush by Pegasus Spiele, the Danish trio Kjølby Laursen, Kåre Storgaard and Steen Thomsen present a very special worker placement game: Here, three to five players, ages ten and up, engage in a career competition for 30 to 60 minutes. Thanks to satirical humour, crazy caricatures of Hollywood celebrities and loads of interactive game play, the new family game by editorial partner eggertspiele (Camel Up, „Spiel des Jahres“ 2014) brings fun and games to an area where one has never expected them – and now cannot imagine it without. 

RRP 24,95€

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