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Live Now - Quickstarter for Double sided Neoprene terrain/space mats!  One Mat for all your tabletop gaming needs!

Live NOW on Kickstarter at is the new QuickStarter from Loke BattleMats. Following our previous 3 successful campaigns we are delighted to bring you our latest product – Double sided neoprene tabletop battle mats with our trademark stitched edge featuring a space design on one face and a terrain on the reverse.


Designed to provide an exciting tabletop terrain for a huge range of games, these high quality 2mm neoprene gaming mats also offer a perfect backdrop for board, tile, dice and roleplay games. Thick enough to deaden a dice roll (so no more lost dice) this mat is the must have addition to your game!

To summarise our innovative new mats -

3’x3’ double sided mat

2mm neoprene

Stitched edge ensures longevity

Two design combinations available

Combines space design with terrain

One mat for multiple games saves space, money and time!

The new range features a unique design mix of a stunning space star scape on one side and a down to earth terrain image on the other (surf and turf if you will). 


We are delighted that this “Quickstarter” launched Friday 11 Jan and will run until Sunday 27 Jan (Midnight). 

This is our first double sided mat, and we wanted it to have a real point of difference, so by combining space and terrain images we have one mat which can be used for a huge range of tabletop games saving money, space and time! Our mats also make fabulous “table toppers” under any board, tile, dice or roleplay game. 


Closing at the end of January, this Quickstarter offers four new designs on two new mats at a special rate of £30 per mat. Multiple mats and retail packages are available.

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