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This is an entirely new Bruce Wayne/Batman story set in a different, more modern, interpretation of the world of Batman but with all the hints and expectations of the stories from the Bat Man's origins entwined within the processing tale. As the player you are both Batman and Bruce Wayne and you have to deal with the pettiness and pleasures of everyday life as both characters, making this double-fun for all Batman fans.

The Telltale Series excels in player interaction. Not player v player but player v the A.I. through a series of questions and answers, well more answers than questions, which are set out on a very short-fused timer, so that the player can select their response from supplied list of three or four. Whatever the player decides will definitely be taken into account later on in the game, in fact there are often times when an onscreen bubble relays the fact that " will remember this". Therefore if you disagree with someone's thoughts they will make mental notes to not support you at a later date. If you let the timer run out before you have selected an answer then Bruce/Batman will just umm and aar, shake his head as if in deliberation, but say nothing, and the chance to win approval or take a dig at a villain goes past in a fleeting moment.

There is a lot of verbal play, especially when Bruce Wayne is your character of the moment. The action requires you to have knowledge of your keyboard because it usually involves quickly hitting the key briefly shown onscreen. If you hit the key in time the animation reflects that and you will punch, kick or use a Bat-Tool/Weapon etc., against your current opponent. If you are late with your key stroke though the villain will get the upper hand and your character will suffer the consequences. Some fights go back and forth until the reach the conclusion required by the story, such as your first encounter with Catwoman - you might feel like you are winning and indeed you can put in some good maneuvers but eventually there will be that once instance when the game intelligence kicks in and the pre-ordained animated sequence takes dominance. This occurs where necessary to keep the tale moving along in the right direction; though here I must reinstate that the "right direction" is determined by the answers you supply throughout.

The plot revolves around stolen chemicals. Selina "Catwoman" Kyle is recruited by Carmine Falcone to steal them but when she fails (for her own reasons) the Falcone gangsters step up and then The Penguin gets involved and I'm not going to say any more because it would spoil your enjoyment of the game; what I have said already is pretty obvious from the start so it should whet your appetite but not influence your decisions.

This first Telltale Series game introduces us to Batman/Bruce, Vicki Vale, Selina Kyle, Alfred, the BatCave. the BatMobile, the BatSuits, Harvey Dent, Two Face, Carmine Falcone (and the Gotham City Mob), James Gordon, Oswald Cobblepot and Lucius Fox. For fans of the Batman universe of Gotham City this is a really good insight into the lives of the principal players. 

I haven't used this as yet but it is certainly worth noting because it could become a very remarkable aspect of playing: "The series also introduces a new feature called "crowd play", available on both the PC and console versions of the game. Crowd play allows the game to be watched by an audience who can participate in the decision-making process. When this feature is active, the player provides their audience with a link to Telltale's website with a unique code to participate in that session through any web-enabled device."


The Batman telltale series is a superbly animated movie-style adventure game split into a series of adventures. You can find my thoughts on "The Enemy Within" the second Telltale Batman game here

These adventures or episodes for the first tale are:

  1. Realm of Shadows
  2. Children of Arkham
  3. New World Order
  4. Guardian of Gotham
  5. City of Light


The voice cast is totally impressive and includes:


Catwoman (Selina Kyle) is quite a match for Batman.  Mayor Harvey dent about to be "dented" for life as Two-Face


Vicki Vale (Reporter) takes a good hard look at Carmine Falcone (Gangster Boss)

     Choose the colouring of Batman's console and equipment


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