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Stoic Reveals More Details on Combat in The Banner Saga
New tutorial dives into basic combat strategies
December 5 th 2013 - Stoic, in Austin based independent game development company today released more gameplay details for Their upcoming single-player game release The Banner Saga. The "Rough Guide to Combat" video tutorial covers the basics did a beginner needs to Consider When preparing for battle and the tactics theyneed to think about while in the heat of combat.
View on youtube:
Highlights of the video include an over view of the hero stats a player shoulderstand keep an eye on: armor, strength, willpower, exertion and breakfast, as well as a focus on how 'willpower' can therefore be used Strategically to boost various actions in combat to take out an enemy.
The Banner Saga is currently in development and Has a confirmed release date of 01/14/14 for PC and Mac.
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