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Road to Empire!

Conquer the world for fun and profit

We are really excited to share the biggest news since Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars launched - the upcoming release of the Empire expansion. The massive Empire expansion completely reinvents the gameplay - changing Kingdom Wars from local city building game, into massive empire building simulation. And in tune with our company values and tradition - this expansion is absolutely free! This is a way for us to give back to the community that has supported us over the years, sticking with us through the bugs and lag, and aided us in polishing and improving the game.

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Empire’s main feature is greatly expanding the scope and length of the game. In Empire, players will get the opportunity to literally take over the world - commanding a huge military, political and economic empire that covers the entire game world - from the human Southmount Mountains to the desolate deserts of Brakental.

While players still start the game with one town, the ultimate goal would be fighting to create and maintain an empire of up to 30 towns, that players captures, controls and defends. And the best part - the second major feature of Empire - we are greatly expanding the PvP concept of the game - now players will fight other players for control of all the large towns on the world map, with town control shifting between players based on the outcome of the battle.

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Let’s break it down

What's in the expansion?

The Empire expansion comes with an impressive list of features, given the total game changing nature of this expansion.

Control up to 30 Towns - players are now able to control and maintain up to 30 towns on the World Map, including their starting homeland, and all the predesigned capital towns
Conquer and Defend - with new PvP options players now fight each other over control of predesigned capital towns on the World Map. The player who wins the siege will control the town, with the loser retreating as they watch their empire shrink
Additional Options - while some players will prefer to conquer and defend their towns against other players, we are keeping the option for Singleplayer conquest, or even CoOp conquest - take over the world together with your friends
Create a Trade Empire - as your Empire grows so will your expenses and logistics. To help with empire maintenance we are including a Trade empire functionality - allowing players to establish automated trade-routes with various pros and cons between various towns in their empire
New Town Management - controlling vast empires made easy with the ability to use new town management interface - assign workers tasks with easy Worker Management, select what units to train with a click of the mouse. Inside your towns you can now - Manage Economy, Manage Trade, Recruit Units, Recruit Mercenaries, Level Units, Heal Units, Trade Goods, Trade Livestock and so much more.

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Patch 24

Bug free game?

With the countdown to the Empire release our team put all the efforts into making sure we squeeze the last remaining bugs left in-game, as well as greatly increasing performance. To this effort we are releasing Patch 24 - ‘the patch to end all patches’. Part A of this patch was released last week, with the final Part B - scheduled to be released next week. And the difference is truly remarkable:
* We have greatly improved PvP and CoOp experience - eliminating virtually all multiplayer lag, fixing almost all out of sync issues, and improving countless other things related to PvP and CoOp
* As part of 24 B - we are fixing the last remaining issues with rare cases of missing units, crowns, resources or resetting unit stats. We understand how annoying these bugs were and we hope these issues will be a thing of the past
* Countless other fixes and improvements from pathfinding, to new orc player stronghold designs, and so much more.
Our goal with Patch 24 is to fix the game for good - and we are proud to say we are almost there. Please judge for yourself and give it a try.


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