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Ready armies and prepare for battle in this tactical turn-based title

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London, UK – May 6, 2014 – Today Ubisoft® launched the Open Beta for Panzer General® Online, the historically inspired turn-based tactical battle title from Blue Byte®.  Featuring a robust single player campaign and intense multiplayer matches, Panzer General Online, the new free-to-play browser based game, is now open to all.

During Closed Beta the development team worked closely with the community to gather feedback and implement improvements. The team optimized the mechanics of the booster packs and fine-tuned the balance of both the single player and multiplayer battles. Powerful new units and command cards were introduced to add new strategic elements and completely new features including the Skirmish 2.0 multiplayer mode were added to enhance multiplayer. Skirmish 2.0 allows gamers to enter player versus player battles with pre-constructed decks so new and advanced players can face-off on equal footing. Panzer General Online will be supported by new content releases through Open Beta and into launch. 

As a thank you to early fans of Panzer General Online, all players who participated during the Closed Beta will receive two exclusive tanks, one for the US army and one for the German army.

Panzer General Online is currently available in English, French, German and Dutch. Polish and additional languages will be added to the game in the near future. For multilingual fans or players waiting for the game to arrive in their native tongue, languages can be toggled between at any time.

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