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Batman Fluxx a Video Review



This is a new addition to the fabulous FLUXX series of games from LooneyLabs and the imagination of Andrew Looney.

Batman™ Fluxx Card List

Keepers (14 cards)
Batarang           Batman          Robin          Batmobile          Bruce Wayne          Batgirl          The Bat-Signal          Alfred Pennyworth
The Bank          The Batcave          Wayne Manor           Commissioner Gordon            Batman Cuffs        Batcomputer
Creepers (9 + 1  One Dollar Special cards)
The Joker        The Penguin        Catwoman         Two-Face        The Riddler       Harley Quinn       Bane      Mr. Freeze     Poison Ivy     Clayface ($1.00 special)
Surprises (6 cards)
Stop That!       Canceled Plans      It’s A Trap!       That’s Mine!        Veto!        Not Your Problem      
​Goals (28 cards) 
Rogues Gallery       To The Batmobile!     The Joker Got Away!    The Dynamic Duo    Mad Love    I Am The Night!    Poison Ivy and Bane    Gotham City Sirens     Secret Tunnel     To The Batpoles!     Secretly His Daughter    He Left Us a Signal   He’s a Billionaire    Stately Wayne Manor       With Some Help From Alfred       I’ll Take Care Of That, Sir…       Cold Cash        Bank Robbery in Progress      Sidekicks        To The Batcave!       Batman Family      Riddle Me This, Batman…       Black Tie Bad Guys     Green With Villainy     Crime Spree         Backed Into a Corner       Utility Belt        Those Wonderful Toys
Special Rules (1 card)
Basic Rules     
New Rules (24 cards)
Batman Logo Bonus      Crime Happens       Arkham Asylum       Elsewhere in Gotham City       Egads!      Let’s Keep Doing That!       Double Agenda       Get On With It!       Goal Mill        Draw 2      Draw 3     Draw 4     Draw 5     Hand Limit 1     Hand Limit 2      Hand Limit 3      Keeper Limit 3      Keeper Limit 4      Play 2       Play 3      Play 4      Play All      Play All But 1      Recycling       
Actions (18 cards)
KPOW!       Jail Break!        Get Out of Jail      Draw 3, Play 2 of Them       Trade Hands       Jackpot!       Draw 2 and Use ‘Em      Rules Reset       Let’s Simplify       Trash a New Rule      Mix It All Up      Steal Something Zap a Card      Trash Something       Exchange Keepers       Random Tax      Rewind        Discard & Draw      
Despite every FLUXX game working off the same mechanic: Draw 1  Play 1  most games introduce something different to the play. In some cases this may simply be the amazing artwork, in Batman Fluxx it is Derek Ring, and in others new card types, new action/events, new rules or all of the above are added. Like the card games Magic the Gathering and Munchkin,  FLUXX is rapidly becoming renown for its excellent artwork and graphic design and Derek Ring's original drawings for this BATMAN edition really are superb. 
A number of games ago CREEPERS were added. These are like KEEPERS but instead of being the cards required to win the game they are cards that prevent players from winning. However there are exceptions to this CREEPER rule and BATMAN FLUXX enjoys the best of these, making CREEPERS also VILLAINS, and of course there are GOAL cards that require players to have certain CREEPERS in front of them.
Another fairly new (remember I have been playing FLUXX for about 18 years) card type is the SURPRISE card. These are cards that can be played out of turn, having functions for both out of turn and in turn. SURPRISES really are what they say they are if played properly and, ofc ourse, sneakily.
FLUXX is a simplistic card game that can meander out of control and go on for quite some time, or it can be over in seconds. But that's what makes the game so much fun and why it is called FLUXX. As I say games can be quick or not so quick but they are always fun and most players never ever play just one game of FLUXX.
For the uninitiated players are dealt 3 cards each and then in turn order they play and activate cards according to the rules. The basic rules is to play one card after drawing one, but the card played can change the rules on show and each time you add a rule it replac es the previous one. However it must be remembered that there are many types of rules and the New Rule played only replaces a rule of the same type and if there isn't one of those rule types in place then instead of replacing a rule the card becomes the rule.   Naturally this can bring up some rather peculiar oddities, such as Draw 1 Play 4, but in cases like this you simply do as much as you can, there are no lingering penalties.
Whenever I am going away for a day or more and am likely to play some games you can guarantee that the first game into my suitcase is at least one edition of FLUXX. Because there are so many different editions it is almost impossible to not find at least one that is themed around someone or something that you like. FLUXX is a game that can be merrily played over and over, game after game, and if you can change the theme for each game that makes it even more enjoyable. In the stores at around $16.00 per game it is very good value for money. 
If I were given a Desert Island Discs style choice with games instead of songs, FLUXX would definitely and without doubt be in my selection.


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