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BANG! from daVinci Games is a multi-player card game based around the Spaghetti Western, which involves players trying to outwit, 
out-guess and out-shoot each other. All players are given a secret identity - Sheriff, Deputy, Renegade, Bandit - and a hand of cards
Playing in turns each player takes 2 cards from the draw pile and then plays cards which can assist them - cards like Barrel, Horse,
Weapons - and/or cards that can be used to attack one or more of the other players.

The characters

Bart Cassidy - Black Jack - Calamity Janet - El Gringo - Jesse Jones - Jourdonnais - Kit Carlson
Lucky Duke - Paul Regret - Pedro Ramirez - Rose Doolan - Sid Ketchum - Slab the Killer - Suzy
Lafayette - Vulture Sam - Willy the Kid 

When a Bang! card is played against another player they must either take a bullet wound or use a card, such as a barrel  or a "Missed" to
prevent the damage. If a player loses all their lives they are out of the game. There are three winning possibilities - the Law wins if all the
bandits are killed, the Bandits win if they kill the Lawmen and the Renegade wins if they are the last man standing.

By watching who shoots at who the players have to determine who is on their side. The Renegade has no-one on their side; The Sheriff has
a Deputy and there are multiple Bandits. No one is allowed to say who they are.

The free to play online game works very much the same as the tabletop card game except that you can play it solo, all other characters are
blind to you  or you can play it online with players from all over the internet. The gameplay is the same, the graphics are clean, colourful and
cute, and all action is controlled by mouse clicks.

I have always enjoyed BANG! and to be able to play it solo is a real treat. Playing online is fun, not as much as playing face to face where you
can look into your opponents eyes and see their expressions as you shoot them, but it's the next best thing. Then again there aren't any online
games, including the top MMOs, that are as good to play as their face to face counterparts, unless of course you have no real-life friends.

The card game has a series of expansions which add new cards to the game, these can also be integrated into the online game. I have copied the
list of expansions from Wikipedia as it was easier than going through my cards and typing them one at a time. 


[edit]High Noon

Released in 2003. A set of thirteen scenario cards that are given to the Sheriff, and revealed at the start of each of his turns - the card's scenario is effective until the next scenario card has been revealed. The name is inspired by the Western, High Noon. The Scenario cards have these effects:

[edit]Dodge City

Released in 2004. A set of fifteen new characters and 40 new play cards. There is also a set of 8 "role" cards (7 duplicates) allowing up to 8 people to play. The name is inspired by the Western, Dodge City. The new characters are:

Dodge City features also a new symbol, meaning "discard another card from your hand in order to play this card", and a new card type, the green-bordered cards: they are played like blue cards, cannot be used until the next opponent's turn (in case of a Missed! effect) or the owner's next turn (in all other cases) and are discarded immediately after they are used.

[edit]A Fistful Of Cards

Released in 2005. A set of fifteen new scenario cards, designed by players around the world selected by the original author, which can be mixed with the High Noon expansion. The name is inspired by the Western, A Fistful of Dollars. The cards include:

[edit]Face Off

Released in 2005 and co-produced by daVinci Games and Arima. More a spin-off than an expansion, Face Off is a board game for two players designed to be played with a deck of Bang! cards.

[edit]Wild West Show

Bang! Wild West Show! is an expansion released in August 2010 with characters that revolve not around historical figures but rather around actors iconic to the western movie genre. The expansion also includes cards and rules not seen in previous expansions.

The 8 new characters are:

The 10 new special cards are:

[edit]Valley of Shadows

This expansion consists of almost 20 cards, mostly playing cards and several new character cards. It will be released in September 2011[dated info] in Czech and Slovak Republic (no English translation available). It is not currently known whether it will be released in other locations. It will be released by the Czech editor ALBI check ALBI webpage.

5 new characters:

  1. Limonade Jim - Eachtime another player plays BEER card, he may discard card to refill 1 life point.
  2. Henry Block - Eachtime another player discards or draw card from Henry's hand or in front him, that player is target of BANG.
  3. Evelyn the Bang - She may decide to not draw first card in his phase 1 to BANG any player at distance 1.
  4. Colorado Bill - Eachtime any player miss Colorado's BANG, Colorado "draws" card: If it s SPADE card, last MISS is ignored and missed player lose 1 life point.
  5. Mick Defender - Eachtime he is solo target non BANG card or card's effect, he may discard MISS card to avoid it.(Jail, Cancan, Duel, ...).

5 new blue border cards:

  1. shootgun - range 1, weapon - Eachtimes player is hit by BANG card from player which SHOOTGUN, that player discard 1 card of his choice from hand.
  2. lemat - range 1, weapon - Any card (except MISSED! cards) can be played as BANG! card in your turn.
  3. rattlesnake - Play in front any player. At beginning that player's turn, he "draws": On Spades, he loses 1 life point.
  4. bounty - Play in front any player. Player that hit player with Bounty with BANG! card, draw 1 card from deck.
  5. ghost - Play in front any eliminated player. That player return to game without his ability, can not grain or lose any life point. He play as normal player as long he has card GHOST in front himself.

10 new brown border cards:

  1. Escape - If you solo target of card, you may discard this card to avoid that card or its effect.
  2. Last beer - Can be use in game 2 last players.
  3. Poker - All others players discard card. If none discard Ace card, you can draw 2 cards from discarded cards.
  4. Wild Band - Others players may discard BANG! card or 2 cards from hand of his choice.
  5. Saved! - Play only out of your turn. Prevent any player to lose 1 life point. In case saving before elimination, you draw 2 card from hand saved player.
  6. BackFire - Count as MISSED!. Player who target you with BANG is now target as BANG.
  7. Tornado - Each player pass 2 card of his choice to left player. All act at once.
  8. Tomahawk - BANG at distance 2.
  9. Fanning - Count as BANG! at range. A player(except you) at distance 1 from primary target is target of BANG!, too.
  10. Double Hit

[edit]Gold Rush

BANG! Gold Rush introduces some innovative gameplay mechanics: - Thanks to the shadow-gunslinger game variant, player are never really out of the game. During his turn, the shadow-gunslinger temporarily re-enters the game and he can play as if he was still alive. With BANG! Gold Rush, the outcome of the match can even be determined by an eliminated player. - Players can collect gold nuggets to buy equipment. The purchase of an "equipment" card allows you to selectively enhance your character and develop new strategies. The box contains:


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