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Pegasus Games presents "BAM!" The indecent good pun! By the publisher, who produced "Apples to Apples". Apples to Apples had great success in Germany and Western Europe as well as in the USA where it is now a household game name. Now comes the next brilliant party game which guarantees lots of fun. BAM! rounds are played like no other game. "BAM! The indecent good pun "contains 480 cards and is available for € 19.95 (RRP) now.

Friedberg, 26.07.2013 - BAM! The new party hit by Pegasus games where each player must fill gaps in the text on the cards to produce the best concepts and sentences by answering the questions using the BAM! cards. For example there may be a question "Germany seeks BAM!?" the player (or teram) have to complete what Germany needs from the cards they hold. There are approximately 400 responses some of which that you hold being hopefully helpful for each situation.

Chris's Note: I haven't seen BAM! yet (hopefully in Essen) but it sounds like it will be a lot of fun, rather like the way we play Apples to Apples - the funniest answer generally wins the point. Looking forward to this a lot.

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