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"Producing edgy & exquisite 32mm miniatures with brash styling and provocative design for the Collector, Role-player & Wargamer"


The Northfjorder - Warg Hunter mounted on a Bear. (£24.50)

Ax Faction produce hand-sculpted, amazing quality 32mm miniatures, designed for, well designed to look awesome.

I was lucky enough to receive the Northfjorder, a Warg Hunter mounted on a  giant, bear, and what can i   say about it other than, it is simply perfect. Very rarely do you get a model as clean, and ready to paint (with a small amount of assembly) as this was, and this added to the overall pleasure when it came to painting (so i'm told, as i didn't trust myself to do this model justice). The detail in the fur of the bear, the armour, everything about the rider, is lovely.

The Ax Faction website is full of fantastic models, at great prices for the quality, including Adventurers and monsters. A favourite looking of mine being the Adventurer set including Ivy, a kick-ass markswoman, Skuld, a (surprisingly) well armoured Fighter, and Brig, the pipe smoking, tea-cosey collecting, axe wielding, Badger!








                     click to visit Ax Faction.

Paul Billinghurst is the mastermind behind Ax Faction, formed in 2011, and all the models are hand sculpted, in 32mm, before being cast in high quality resin, and then expertly packed and posted by his wife Caroline. 



Painted by Delano Hing, who is available for comissions.






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