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LEGO MARVEL AVENGERS: This game, from Warner Brothers Games, features the major characters and storylines from the blockbuster Marvel films "The Avengers" and "Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron"  The quest for the players, controlling the amazing Marvel Super-Heroes one at a time, is to save humanity.

As anyone who has played any of the LEGO games knows, the action is fast and furious, the animation is unbelievable and the fun factor is way beyond the expected. At some time or another in our childhood (or later in life) most of us have played with LEGO bricks, or at least been in contact, touch or visual, with a LEGO brick construction. Every year LEGO gets better. Every electronic LEGO based game gets better; more fluent, more fluid, more colourful, more Lego-like (which is similar to life-like but in plastic) and simply just more fun.

I love the LEGO games based on top movies, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Star Wars etc and happily play and replay them - for some reason their replay value is greater than regular animated action games - but I openly favour the LEGO super-hero games. Since as long as I can remember, deep in my comic back-issue brain cell search, I have been a super-hero fan with a selection from both DC and MARVEL being my favourites. From the MARVEL heroes my list would begin with Thor, then Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk. Of course I like the others, well most of them, and thankfully this game puts the "lives" of all my favourites and then some, in my hands. At this point I have to admit that when I watch the video trailers of these Avengers games I often "forget" that I am watching annimated toys and simply watch them as mini action movies.

With over 200 characters, heroes, villains and npc's, of which almosty 100 are totally new to any LEGO electronic games, the one character at a time control, which is the normal play mode, has been expanded to allow team-up combinations (combos to the initiated) between some of the core members of the Avengers. This adds another aspect of play as well as giving you more of a sense of playing in the movie-style - the characters in the films often use their specific skills jointly to execute difficult (read "impossible") tasks and feats. Talking of adding new aspects, how about the new free-roam possibility where characters get to openly enjoy the streets of New York (Marvel style of course) or the world of Asgard ? If that's not enough new adventure for you then go visit Malibu, the Base Exterior of S.H.I.E.L.D. Washington DC (should that be "Washington Marvel" ?) or take one of the amazing characters to Barton's Farm ? Overall there are eight exciting environments, all of which allow for you to perform at least one, in each, special effect movement. Quicksilver can run on water, Hulk can super-jump from skyscrapers, and Iron Man can do just about whatever he wants, simply because he is Iron Man! 

As I received my review copy of MARVEL AVENGERS as a code for the STEAM media it came without any documentation, and thus I had a lot of entertainment just working out which buttons to use for what actions. It should be noted that the mouse has no input.There is a bit of an issue with the controls, (something that the designers were made aware of during testing and that have been made better by updates prior to the game's release but is still not 100% correct) they are frustrating and not immediately memorable, plus  when selecting "Options" from the Menu, for example, nothing happens - I have yet to manage to go from the Menu to the Options Menu simply by selecting Options and hitting [Return] or [Space] or [X] [Z] [E] or [F]. I did work out that [J] is for Jump and [K] is for Fire and [W][A][S][D] are, as expected, the directional movement keys.

There is a school of thought that there isn't anything in this game to set it apart from the others and to a minor degree I agree. However, if that is the way you are going to think why, for example, go to the cinema and pay the quite expensive costs to watch Spiderman 2 or Thor 2, the Avengers second movie etc etc etc. They are all somewhat similar and yet we love them, so yes, this LEGO game is somewhat similar to its predecessors but that doesn't take anything away from it. The scenes, the villains, the story, the background locations, these are all new for this game and all go towards making it a good, valid, solid addition to your Super Hero collection of LEGO Marvels.

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