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Free to play racing title uses laser scanning to add iconic British trackAuto Club Revolution, a free to play PC racing title developed andpublished by Eutechnyx, has announced the addition of the iconic British racing track, Brands Hatch.

Referred to as “the best circuit in the world” by Formula 1 legend Gerhard Berger, Brands Hatch is the first track to be included in Auto Club Revolution which has been reproduced using laser scanning technology. Laser scanning entails a greater depth of data to be recorded, analysed and recreated. Building on traditional forms of data collating, including CAD, satellite and telemetry data, laser scanning uses an advanced mapping system that creates a highly detailed, high resolution point cloud. This point cloud helps the 3D modelling team to pin point track height and depths but also the racing environment, showing the exact positions, depths and angles of curbs, paint, trees barrier and fences. This extra level of detail allows for a true recreation of the track, making it 100% accurate.

“We are delighted to add the iconic and challenging Brands Hatch to our section of licensed tracks in Auto Club Revolution,” commented Mark Barton, Creative Manager at Eutechnyx. “By using laser scanning technology we have been able to add a much greater level of detail to the track, giving our fans as realistic an experience as possible through a free-to-play game.”

Auto Club Revolution will feature 2 routes around Brands Hatch, with both the Grand Prix and Indy routes being open for racing from launch. This starts a campaign of regular updates for the game over the coming weeks and months, with additional cars and further tracks due for release.

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