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Eutechnyx today announced that the free-to-play online racing game Auto Club Revolution has successfully completed its open beta test phase and is now officially in full live status.

The game and car community which was designed to deliver a full featured, fully licensed rich racing game experience designed around a free-to-play business model has been in ‘beta test’ since March 2012. The test phase allowed the game’s design teams to collect a huge amount of feedback from the game’s large and dedicated test community, which was combined with billions of empirical data points to optimise the user experience and deliver the compelling, fun experience the game offers today.

To celebrate the commercial launch of Auto Club Revolution, the team haslaunched a dynamic new rebrand released to herald the shift in status and featuring a brand new logo.

During the game’s beta phase, Auto Club Revolution players have experienced world exclusive collaborations with key partners in the motoring industry, for example Continental Tyres and BMW M Sport, as well as showcasing upcoming racing talents like Lotus’ Formula 3 star, Marvin Kirchhöfer, with many more to follow.

Eutechnyx Chief Commercial Officer, Darren Jobling said, “From the initial closed beta launch right through to our commercial release we’ve been taking our lead from the game’s beta test players adding and changing features accordingly, don’t expect this to change now we’re in commercial release.  Our teams have long term plans for new content, new features and new initiatives which will cement Auto Club Revolution’s position at the top of the pile.”

With over 2.5 million races having taken place, Eutechnyx will release a one-off special voucher code to all beta participants to unlock an exclusive ‘Auto Club Revolution’ paint scheme.
Introducing a new, dynamic way of racing, Auto Club Revolution is adding AI into the foray of game modes.

Normally a premium feature in free-to-play online racing gamesAuto Club Revolution is giving all players the opportunity to race against AI opponents at no additional cost.

“We are eager to enhance the single-player experience of Auto Club Revolution, to give players the features they want. Introducing premium content like AI to the game means that Auto Club Revolution continues to define what is possible within the free-to-play model.” Christoph Vietzke, Executive Producer, Auto Club Revolution.
The first available mode will be ‘AI Quick Race’, providing players with more options and challenges. The new AI mode will enhance the single player experience and provide an exciting way for players to prepare for multiplayer racing, helping them learn the tracks and capabilities of their cars.

More AI updates are planned for the future and will build upon the single player experience.

Other improvements included with this title update are outlined below:

Title Updates:


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