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Title: Attack of the Earthlings
Genre: IndieStrategy
Developer: Team Junkfish 
Publisher: Junkfish Limited
Release Date: 8 Feb, 2018


Well to start with you have to love the title. We've had so many Aliens from outer space and various planets invading Earth and taking over human bodies and minds that it immediately strikes the funny bone. The Earthlings, us, human beings, are revolting (have to admit I know a few now that fit this description) and invading peaceful Alien worlds, and you, as the controller of the Swarmers (that's what the game calls the Alien Race) who are being attacked get to fight back. 


Your Swarmer avatar is very reminiscent of the Aliens in the Ridley Scott movie franchise but unlike the movie Alien yours can drop a baby helper, rather than an egg that needs to hatch, who can be ordered to move and attack in the same way as you can maneuver your specific Matriarch (Queen). I haven't got too far into the adventure yet so I cannot say this stays the same throughout but in my present situation I can only have one helper at a time. If I cast another one the first dissipates. You can send your ally off to attack a human or if there are more than one human in range you can plan for you to attack one and your little ally to attack the other, as soon as you set this the two Swarmers rush towards the unsuspecting humans but it is only when you press the combined attack button that they will go for it and rip the humans to bits in seconds.

This is a semi strategic/arcade style game. You can spin the map around to view it from a full top down view from almost every angle and thus you get to see the positions of any humans and can strategise the best way to get to them. Sometimes it requires you to watch the humans as quite often they have a routine which they follow, moving, for example, from A to B to C and then to A back to C onto B and back to A. While moving the humans may move into a square that allows them to see where you and your ally wait. If you have set a trap in the right square they will walk into it and usually die. However, explosions or shots (from the humans) echo around and will call reinforcements to the area from wherever other humans with weaponry could hear the commotion.


Not all humans carry guns. That's a shame! (for them, as they are easy to destroy). Those that do have guns are the ones you need to kill as quickly as you can because although their guns can't hurt you, the bullets they fire rapidly at you, can. If your main avatar dies then your game is over so you don't need me to impress on you the seriousness of keeping her alive. As you don't need me to impress this on you I will not, but take this as a reminder that unless you want your game to end, don't let your avatar die! Simples!

This may be one of the most unusual and amusing combat games I have played. It is also one that has some kind of logic to it. The humans have invaded the Planet of the Swarmers and landed their massive Space-Drill on your house where they have started to take over your life. It's time to fight back. Your fight, you soon realise, is against the corrupt and dysfunctional Galactoil Corporation. You need to make your way up their gigantic galactic space-drill, defeating enemies and at one point you even get to attend a birthday party. When you or your ally kill a human you can then consume (eat) him which gives you strength and builds up your abilities, like going up levels in a role-play game. By eating humans you get to convert their flesh into muscle and use other biological material from the human allows you to transform your units into unique abilities!


One of the fun things I like a lot is that you can hide in closets, cupboards, boxes, all manner of places, and then pop out and attack a human with total surprise. I also like the Military War Game style combined attack, mentioned earlier, as it gives you more strategy and control in the game, more than many combat games where you just go from corridor to corridor and killing everything/everyone you encounter. Your planning isn't complicated and it doesn't require any complex equations but it is still strategic planning and that's a bonus. I would have preferred the characters to have been a little larger, not so much as to make the backgrounds all but disappear but just a little larger, perhaps the size shown in the last pic on this page (borrowed from here

ATTACK of the EARTHLINGS is a stealth game and is also a turn based strategy adventure. Your movement is limited (highlighted squares appear on the floor to show you the distance your movement can take you) and combat is automatic, just click on the target of your attack and let your onscreen personna do the rest. Those flipping humans are using their noisy space drill to find something they believe to be valuable to them, but by doing so they are ruining your peaceful life and also making great holes in your Planet, you have to stop them by any means (generally this means killing them because they appear to not want to converse or negotiate).


It isn't the best action, stealth adventure game I have played because like the majority of them it gets too samey too quickly. However, it is amongst the best in this genre, mainly because of the comedic element and the hidey-hole ambush strategies you can make.The 3D action grounds are well detailed but possibly a little too busy to be completely appreciated during the action. The humans A.I. isn't particularly bright but I have to say it makes a change to see mindful aliens fighting mindless humans for once. Overall this is a fine fun Steam (PC) game from Junkfish and one that will keep you coming back to it until you have completely destroyed the humans and their infernal drills. I say coming back to because it is best played in short phases so that you get to enjoy each play. It's one giant leap for Aliens and one small step for man.




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