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Nhur Athemon Awakens

The First Server-Wide Story Event for Pathfinder Online Begins Now!

Ten thousand years ago the wizard and demon-worshipper Nhur Athemon fled Azlanti justice and made the mysterious Emerald Spire his domain. He has survived down through the millennia as a lich, only rarely deigning to make his presence felt in the Echo Wood.

But he stirs now. The mysterious green crystals which appeared some months ago throughout the region known as the Crusader Road are linked by eldritch power to the Emerald Spire and Nhur Athemon claims the Spire as his own. His can project shadows of his power through those crystals and what he perceives through those shadows has displeased him greatly. He has decided to punish those who have transgressed against him.

The War of the Crystals

Across the Crusader Road the hexes that contain Towers and Crystals are now converted into special escalations. To clear them you'll need to defeat the escalation events you'll find in those hexes. Beware! These escalations are particularly challenging and are designed for well equipped parties working together.

If you are able to clear the escalation you'll be rewarded with a super-tough final event, and those who are victorious will receive the best rewards we've yet released for loot. 

Azlanti Stones

In addition to the great loot, the first time a character on each account is in the party that completes an event in a Wrath of Nhur Athemon escalation that character will receive an Azlanti Stone - an gem of ancient magical power that you can slot into your character's Azlanti Stone Paperdoll slot to gain special bonuses. Each account can earn one, and only one Azlanti Stone per story event.

The End of The Towers

As a part of each escalation you'll have to destroy the Tower built in the hex near the green crystals. As each Tower is destroyed and the escalation cleared the hex will unlock areas where Holdings and Outposts may be built.

The Towers will no longer affect Settlement training & support. Instead, each Settlement will select a level of training it wishes to provide, and each week it will pay an upkeep cost in Bulk Resources to sustain that training level. The higher the level, the more Bulk Resources will be required weekly.

For New Players

We've created a special escalationa for this event for new players, which can be found in the non-monster hexes just outside the NPC hexes around Thornkeep (the hexes with the blue shield icon, but not the hexes with the lion icon). These escalations are less challenging versions of the escalations in the Tower hexes and they will provide good (but not exceptional) loot, and you will still win an Azlanti Stone for succeeding in overcoming one of the events.

A Month of Adventure

The Wrath of Nhur Athemon will be active for 30 days once it begins. Once the event has been cleared from each Tower hex it will not respawn. We will monitor the progress of the event closely and if we believe it's necessary to introduce additional instances of the event so that everyone who wishes can earn an Azlanti Stone before the end of the event, we'll do so. 

A Great Time To Reactivate!

This is a great time to return to the game if you've been waiting for new content or for more group activities to be released. If your account is currently suspended, log on to then click the "Subscribe Now" button on the right pane.

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