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Asgard"s Chosen coming in September!

In Asgard's Chosen, you build armies to achieve the desires of the gods. Each god has a request and will help you gain ground. You use the favor of gods to aid your cause, and in return you appease their desires. In order to win you need to appease the various gods in your deck. Appeasing gods requires dramatic losses to your position or the composition of your deck. When you appease the appropriate number of gods, the game ends, and whoever has appeased the most gods wins.

It's a great area control game with deck-building elements that uses a geomorphic board design composed of different landscape tiles. Each tile contains two different terrain types and an enchanted land. Players will create the board in the beginning of the game by joining the tiles together w/city tiles filling in along the way. Cards in the game include Gods, Creatures, Town Items, Enchanted Items and Events that players use to build a deck to battle each other and take over land.

It plays w/ 2-4 players in about 90+minutes, and includes both a solitaire version and a two-player co-op version.
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