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PS4 VR reviewed by Greg. Played without the AIM controller (as shown below. Available for about £75.00 usually comes with a game)


ARIZONA SUNSHINE was created specifically for Virtual Reality, total immersion in Zombies, and it has reached the PS4VR with new updates and maps, after garnering great popularity on some of the other Virtual Reality systems. And no wonder because it's not often you have the Zombie apocalypse coming at you in gloriously bloody 3D from all angles, you can almost feel the creepy touch of their rotting fingers and smell their fetid breath. Zombie shoot-up games are ten a penny (well actually they are quite a lot more expensive) but you know what I mean; you can find any number in the local video-game stores. Some of them are hilariously silly and ridiculous and some are quite eerie and scary but ARIZONA SUNSHINE is amongst the best for boisterous action and edge of seat, seat of pants, pants of fear, fear of laughing, craziness.

However instead of taking the zombie horde take-over even slightly seriously, which would have made the game ultimately more thrilling, the creators have gone for numerous efforts to make us jump, which I admit some of them do, a narrator who spatters jokes as often as bullets spatter Zombies, the newly undead girls in skimpy bikinis and the in your face gnarling blank-eyed freaks, this is played more for giggles. What I am saying is that ARIZONA SUNSHINE could have taken its lead from movies like the EVIL DEAD, DAWN of the DEAD, 28 DAYS LATER etc, all of which were quite hairy, but thinking films I would class this in the SHAUN of the DEAD, ZOMBIELAND genre.


I cannot say how different the game would be to negotiate if I had been playing with the AIM Controller instead of my regular PS4 control but I doubt the red-dot aiming would show up any better on the blood soaked clothing and skin of the Zombies. Not that the aiming dot matters too much as it's still pretty easy to blow their heads off with or without it.

The backgrounds are superbly sculpted and visually so attractive that if they weren't crawling with Zombies they look like they would make sensational holiday destinations - the photographs would be tremendous. There are lots of things, items, objects and the like that you can interact with but not all of them are of use to you. This is something that many people complain about but it makes a change to be able to pick things up that aren't essential to the game. Because of the sound effects and the whole 3D surround you really feel as if you are part of the world where these Zombies exist. Zombies can be bypassed if they are crawling along or just stumbling around on their own but if they are attacking in waves your options are limited, just buckle-up, lock and load and stand firm. Following the tradition of almost all shooters there are a variety of weapons available but I get the most satisfaction scoring a head-shot from distance, it just feels kind of pleasurably indulgent.


You can buy ARIZONA SUNSHINE on Steam for just £29.99 which is actually an extremely good price for a 3D game where it is obvious a heck of a lot of time and money has gone into making. It is fun to play solo and awesome to play with a friend by your side, however although with a partner you get the extra weapons you don't get any extra ammunition so it doesn't get any easier, it's just much more fun to share. Zombies have a great way of exploding, sending bright red blood flying towards you in huge globs that really looks like someone has tossed a can of red paint at the camera. Occasionally it seems like you are killing (or being killed by) a Zombie you killed before but they are not resurrecting, thankfully, they are just figures that have been repeated. 


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