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Today ArenaNet revealed the Reaper, the elite specialisation for Necromancers, and the third of nine elite specialisations debuting in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. 

One of the Reaper’s biggest game changers for Necromancers is related to how the profession is a hands-off damage dealer. Necromancers utilize a host of health-zapping skills and minions to do their dirty work for them. The Reaper elite specialisation changes that by giving them the option to arm themselves with powerful greatswords that can annihilate close-knit enemy groups in just a few swipes. The Necromancer’s destructive ethereal form known as the ‘The Death Shroud’ also gets an upgrade with a host of new melee-focused skills using a new, spooky scythe.

ArenaNet is showing the new elite specialisation in action with a new video and screenshots accompanying a blog post from Game Designer Robert Gee. You can see the blog post here:

ArenaNet will demo world-first live gameplay of this specialisation on Points of Interest airing at 8pm BST9pm CEST tomorrow, Friday, 15th May, on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel ( You can download the video and new screenshots associated with the Reaper specialisation below -

New Trailer (YouTube 60 frames per second) : 

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