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You can find it by clicking here: Arcane Blasters Kickstarter

Arcane Blasters is a frantic, fun-filled arena combat game for 2 - 8 players that has everyone pit their magical mastery against each other to see who stands tall at the end of the day. Game times vary based on player choice, they can go from a quick 15 minute game to a 2 hour epic battle!

Here’s a few key features to whet your appetite:

Fun spell crafting system. Create near unlimited combinations of wild and wonderful spells to wreck and ravage your foes. Freeze them on the spot with some Dusty Freezing Mist, sow a little chaos with a Magic Flaming Horror, or just put the fear in them by throwing out some Aimed Branching Axes!
No player elimination. If you’re knocked out the game, you return as a Slug. You can no longer win in this form, but you’re immune to everything in the game and exist to pester the living casters. What’s better is that you always have a chance to get back into the running if you manage to knock out a living caster!
Innovative initiative system. The faster you prepare your spell, the sooner you get to unleash it on your fellow casters, but you’ll also be maneuvering earlier next round, leaving your opponents to potentially find better positioning.
Traps, everywhere! Deform the arena floor by littering it with dangerous traps, then pushing your opponents through them. There’s nothing more satisfying than mopping the floor with your mortal enemies’ faces after all.

If you’re curious to see what spells you can come up with yourself, have a look at our companion here.

Head over to our kickstarter page now for more information, or find us on facebook here and Twitter here for regular updates.

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